Zorb Balls Repair and Maintenance Guide

Do you enjoy bouncing Zorb balls? Who doesn’t, then?

Nowadays, you may find this sport in practically all water parks. If someone doesn’t want to go to the water park, they may still purchase one of these Zorb balls from shops and malls and start having their own fun in their own swimming pools. 

But what if the ball develops a flaw? How should its maintenance and repair be handled going forward?

We are here to assist you with this comprehensive zorb ball repair and maintenance instructions. So let’s get going!

Making Zorb Balls Right

Small pool rings and lilos have been effectively replaced with inflatable Zorb balls as the new, iconic images of summertime enjoyment. However, along with endless happiness and numerous benefits, there are some unanticipated punctures and repairs.

These are expensive and cannot simply be replaced with new ones, unlike certain inexpensive pool rings that can be purchased again in the event of damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to fix your zorb ball  if it ever becomes punctured.

Even while it seems like a tedious process, the work is actually fairly simple. Here are the things you’ll need:

Gloves, a pen or marker, scissors, glue tape, and you can easily find all of these things right in your own home, as you can see! What you would truly need to do is as follows:

STEP 1: Locate The Area

To begin with, you must find the puncture. You could locate the hole allowing the air out of the ball if you inflated it. The appearance of air bubbles is another indicator of a hole. Once you’ve located it, use your pen or marker to circle the location’s indicator.

STEP 2: Repair It!

To patch the hole, get your tape out and cut several circular strips. As soon as you begin to fully inflate the ball, make sure the tape is prepared to use so that the sealing process may go quickly and with little air loss. This would serve as a temporary repair before you begin using super glue. Therefore, be careful to use strong tape that can successfully seal the puncture for a few hours.

STEP 3: Super Glue to the Rescue 

Put on your work gloves before slicing another strip of tape. But a much bigger piece this time. Bring the super glue now and cover the tape’s adhesive side with it completely. You would need someone who could inflate the ball simultaneously for the time being. To thoroughly seal the puncture, apply this new permanent patch over the existing temporary one.

STEP 4: Awaiting Drying

Allow the patch to dry for an hour or two at room temperature. You are finished with the repair once it has completely dried, and your ball is now ready for some enjoyable zorbing!

It’s time to learn more about the maintenance instructions for Zorb balls now that you are familiar with the repair part and its process. Let’s investigate further.

Upkeep for Zorb Balls

Your ball needs upkeep to operate at its best, just like everything else! It’s usually a good idea to be aware of some maintenance advice in advance to ensure that your product operates flawlessly and for a longer period of time. Here are some pointers:

  • Make it a practice to wash and clean your ball after no more than two uses. Make use of warm, soapy water or detergent water. Keeping it clean would always be beneficial!
  • Carry the ball instead of dragging it when you need to move it. Bring someone else with you to assist you to carry it.
  • Only when riding on the ball should you utilise the handles. It might let go of its attachment.
  • The ball should be kept in a location with a consistent room temperature. The ball’s substance might be impacted by weather conditions that are damp, cold, or excessively hot.
  • When not in use, the ball must be carefully covered.
  • It should be used for practice at least three to four times per month; otherwise, the material may become faulty and cease to inflate in some circumstances.
  • A repair kit should always be on hand. When you purchase a Zorb ball from Kameymall, they also include a maintenance manual and a fully stocked repair kit! Therefore, make this purchase from a reputable retailer like this.
  • You would certainly take excellent care of the zorb ball if you put all of these maintenance ideas into practice.



To sum up, these balls are a good summertime exercise that needs to be maintained and repaired when they get punctured. Any puncture can be repaired by simply filling the hole with super glue and closing the wound. All that is necessary for its upkeep is careful handling when using, storing, and cleaning it.