Your ultimate guide to retro rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is elaborate but with all the interior design tips and plans, self-control is still needed. Giving its signature look and feel, it can be used to add color to your rooms. Adding a one-off statement piece gives a complete difference and lasting appeal. Be careful not to overdo things with rattan as it may make the place look old-fashioned. Adding a soft rattan mat under a coffee table like crema with a similar neutral tone, would be a good way to start. The same can be done with the crema tv cone – its wood veneer plays with the theme of soft neutrality and adds the desired brightness of the colors. 

Wood, glass, plastic, cloth – a list of things you may have experienced when buying furniture for your home is endless. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, there is a piece of furniture built with a special design sure to add another pizzazz to your home. Generally, when we are making little in the way of our decisions when buying large furniture, we tend to look for things that we are familiar with or that are more in line with the interior design we are going for. 

While this is an invaluable way to choose furniture that we will feel comfortable integrating into the space, it also unknowingly protects us from experimentation with other materials and solutions that also have the potential to enhance the attractiveness of our home. One way to break this cycle is to try something new – and what better way to jump into the evergreen interior that transforms your home into a fashionable one?

With the much-anticipated revival, rattan furniture is making a huge comeback in the world of interior design, and with good reason. Having a rich history of decorating homes and outdoors in many places around the world for decades, combining patterns of rattan in any area is sure to fill it with hot-inspired air. So, how do you capture the look and feel of a modern interior design that is decorated with these old farm-style furniture? We cover them in this latest rattan furniture channel!

Types of rattan furniture purchase

The good thing about rattan systems is that they are flexible enough to fit any room or budget. From small pieces of talk like rugs to furniture like a tv cabinet with rattan accents, any retro-inspired pieces with these natural elements can be woven into your home to create a fun and rustic feel. At cellini, we boast a wide range of selected rattan cabinet furniture. Our current nash collection features tv cabinets, chairs, and mats that you can promote to create an attractive living space.

If you are looking to take a baby step into the world of rattan and just want to add a touch of the classic nature of the material, you can go for pieces that are reminiscent of its shape, hue, and durability. Wooden accents found in coffee tables like dansk and l-like sofas like the elda with wooden storage arm make modern choices.

Ratability of rattan furniture

Eternal and giving homage to the bohemian aesthetic, rattan furniture is more than just an eye-catching addition to your home. Since the rattan material boasts a solid core, you can rest assured that the pieces made from it will last for years to come. Unlike other plants such as bamboo and water hyacinth, rattan is much stronger and harder to break. Highly low-back and low-maintenance, this environmentally friendly material often protects against the elements, making it suitable for even outdoor use. More than its weatherproof material, it is also lightweight compared to other heavy materials such as mahogany wood and glass.

How long does rattan furniture last?

Yes, its longevity depends on the furniture store from which you buy the furniture, and the efficiency with which it performs. Generally able to last for years with minimal effort, consider doing the following to keep your rattan furniture in a pristine state:

  •         Dust-free: like all furniture, you will need to keep your veneer pieces dust-free and large.
  •         Protect your dry furniture: be sure to keep your rattan furniture dry or non-weather-proof. Whether due to leaks or rainfall, make sure that no water enters the fiber.
  •         Avoid direct sunlight: like laminate flooring or wooden furniture, prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken objects and make them brittle.