Why Pursue B.Tech Degree? Explore Interesting Facts About B.Tech

Are you someone who aspires to build something from scratch? A Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree offers you a path that can be transformative. You get to build, innovate and find solutions to unexplored problems. Amongst the various alternatives available for graduation, a B.Tech degree stands tall. You will soon know why?

Before enrolling in a B.Tech course, there are various things you need to keep in mind. For those of you, who are curious about the best B Tech colleges in India, this blog will help you identify them. So, without further adieu let’s get started. 

Highlights from the best B Tech colleges in India

Course Type Under- Graduation
Duration 4 years
  • Min 45% with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in HSC.
Entrance Exams Jee Main
Admission mode Merit Based, 12th Percentile.

Specialisation offered in the best b tech colleges in India:

Streams Detailed subject Specifications
AI and Data Science Study of AI tools, data analytics tools like R Console, Power Bi, Machine Learning, Deep learning
Electronics and Communication Embedded systems, Wireless Communication and Networks
Computer Science and Engineering/IT Engineering Database Management, Programming languages like C/C++, Java, HTML
Electrical Engineering Power electronics, Advanced Electronics,
Mechanical Engineering Design Engineering, Production & Industrial Engineering and Thermal Engineering.
Civil Engineering Structural Engineering, Building Materials, Engineering Graphics.

Why B.Tech?

Every year, 15 Lakh Indian graduates, are from Engineering backgrounds. There are reasons for its popularity.

  • It is considered one of the most secure degrees.
  • Economical in nature and hence affordable. Various provisions of scholarship are available.
  • Easy accessibility of colleges.
  • Securing admission is hassle-free.

Top 10 interesting facts about B. Tech:

  1. Finest engineering colleges located across India- If you are someone, who wishes to pursue graduation from a certain city or is close to your home, B.Tech is the best option for you.
  2. If you are looking for BTech colleges in Rajasthan, secure admissions in Btech colleges in Jaipur.
  3. Lively College culture: In the best colleges in India you get to experience technical and cultural fests.
  4. Arya College of Engineering has cultural events like Euphonius.
  5. Tehnika Naitus, Street Karting Cup are the few prominent tech fests.
  6. Indulge in technology and fast-paced curriculum: In B.Tech every semester is different and every day you come across new technologies.
  7. The best B Tech colleges in India can enable you to experience, guest lectures from industry experts, seminars, projects and R&D facilities.
  8. An engineer from day 1: At Arya College of Engineering, seminars and workshops engage you in core engineering, but you also get the opportunity to build something like a robot, a website or even an IoT module.
  9. Specialise in your choice: B.Tech equips you with the specialisation you choose. All specialisations are diverse which equips you to be job ready.
  10. Meet people with diverse backgrounds: People from different ethnicity share the same classroom for 4 years and develop lifelong bonds.
  11. Competitive spirit: With different technical fests, you are always on your toes to develop technology faster and better. It enables you to be a critical thinker, problem solver and innovator.
  12. Jobs are multi-dimensional: As a B.Tech graduate, you get opportunities in companies from diverse sectors. An interesting thing about Engineering grads is that they are high in demand in every industry.
  13. Lucrative Salary: To be honest, there is no limit on the salary that B.Tech grads can earn. The average salary across industries is 6.5 LPA and it can go as high as 1 crore, despite being a fresher.
  14. Technical skills matter: An interesting thing about technical skills is that they never go out of demand. They require constant update as new technology flood the market.

Opportunities after B.Tech

  • Secure placements: Top recruiters at the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan include- Google, Microsoft, Rapido, Dell, HCL, Barclays, etc.
  • Pursue M.Tech: All you need is to clear the GATE exam and you can specialise in a core domain.
  • Enrol in the MBA program: You can equip yourself for managerial positions.
  • Overseas Education: With IELTS/ GMAT/ TOEFL, you can pursue MS and fulfil your foreign education dream.
  • Govt. Jobs:
  • Join Engineering Services: Conducted by UPSC
  • PSUs via GATE
  • Research activities: At the best B Tech colleges in India, you get the opportunity to work in an R&D facility and develop your entrepreneurial skills in state of the art incubation centre.

Top Recruiters and Average Salary

Arya College of Engineering is one of the best placement engineering colleges. Students across the batches have often got packages above 10 LPA. Sounds lucrative right? Let’s delve more. 

Placements Session 2022- 23
Top Recruiters Offering Eligible streams
Trilogy Innovations 36.5 LPA CSE, IT , ECE, EE, ME
Flipkart 32.57 LPA CSE, IT, ECE, EE, ME
Lowe’s India 16.0 LPA CSE, IT, ECE
Celebal Technologies 8.5 LPA CSE . IT . ECE
Byjus 7.50 LPA CSE, IT, ECE, EE, ME


We are sure, you are excited to pursue engineering from the best B Tech colleges in India. But wait, let us remind you that it is highly competitive and each day you will be challenged to solve puzzles. The dynamic environment wants you to be on your toes and so start now and apply to the best B Tech colleges in Jaipur.

Arya College of Engineering will be a place for you to fulfil your professional ambitions. Come be a part of us and together we shall achieve newer heights.


  1. Who is the highest-paid engineer in India?

Top 5 highest-paying jobs in engineering:

  1. Computer Science
  2. AI, Machine Learning,
  3. Data Science
  4. Electronics and Communication
  5. Mechanical Engineer.
  1. Is B.Tech a good job choice?

Unique skill sets like an

  • intellectual mindset,
  • the ability to be creative
  • being a problem-solver

are some of the skills that you gain. These skill sets are highly respectable in the job market. So without 2nd thoughts, go for it.

  1. Which Engineering is best in 2025?

Look forward to a specialised area, as you get priority in specific industries. The best-performing courses are-

  1. AI and Machine Learning
  2. Data Science
  3. Computer Science/ IT
  4. Automation and Robotics
  5. Project Engineering
  1. What benefits do you get from being a B Tech?

B Tech in any specialisation is highly rewarding as-

  • The employability option is wide compared to other graduates.
  • Job Security- Best salaries and best companies offer jobs
  • Flexibility in switching careers- Opt for MBA/ M.Tech/ MS/ MA/ M.Com
  • Sufficient professional growth.
  • Intellectual Stimulation.
  1. How to choose a field in B Tech?

Tech has various specialisations. You can choose the best for yourself by:

  • Identifying your interests/skills.
  • Seek professional advice.
  • Research the benefits of BE specialisation
  • Search for BE colleges in India offering the courses
  • Start Applying.