Why buy a human hair wig?

You should know that these wigs are made using natural human hair, they are more durable and last much longer than what we can find with synthetic wigs. You should also know that it can withstand different washes and various heating applications without wearing out. We can do it all without looking too shabby. In the field of aesthetics, natural hair wigs are more realistic than synthetic wigs. You should know this is a very respectable touch as they will be very soft and very natural.

High flexibility

Another particular advantage of using natural hair wigs made from human hair is that they are highly flexible when styling is required. We can use curling irons to style natural hair. Also, there are no incompatibilities of any kind with the hairdryers we normally use for natural hair. You should know that they can also be used with an iron as well as any other heating element to style wigs in a variety of different styles. Wigs can be treated like natural hair without any restrictions. We can dye or decorate it in different ways without worrying about damaging it.


Of course, you should know that wigs made from human hair cost more than synthetic wigs. Although you can find cheap natural wigs for sale in different models, the truth is that they can cost three times more than synthetic wigs. This is common because the processing of its material will depend on how easily we can obtain human hair, rather than the technology used to make it (like synthetic wigs). The manufacture of human hair wigs is also more labor-intensive. It’s important that you don’t view it as an expense but as an investment. When you discover the key and special look these wigs will give you, you know it will pay off.

Wig maintenance

While different types of Kameymall wigs require special maintenance, the truth is that natural hair wigs require more care and harsher handling than synthetic wigs. When we get up, we can quickly put on the synthetic wig and it has maintained its hairstyle. Human hair wigs need to be styled before being worn. Treating them in the morning takes longer because they have to be brushed…of course, we will be able to comb them and give them the style we need and to suit our personal style.

Of course, natural hair wigs are more tedious to maintain because they remind us of our hair; although they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance, we believe they are the best option. With the development of society and human beings, hair extensions have penetrated into every corner of society. So we can easily stay on top of the latest braid hairstyle trends without having to go to the salon every week.

1. Ask before exploring

Before entering the world of hair extensions, you must ask a professional. By asking a stylist, you can learn not only which method might be better for her lifestyle, but also how to use different types of wigs and extensions to achieve a successful look.

2. Genuine products are very important.

Before trying the latest hairstyles, you must check the hair extensions. It is recommended to choose extensions made from human hair, as human hair is stronger, more durable, and more resistant to wear and tear. However, synthetic hair extensions can crack when heated.

3. Luminous time

You can choose a suitable wig or hair extension according to your preference. Remy Martin wigs or extensions are made from the highest quality human hair and are an ideal hairstyle choice for women. Remy Martin’s hair has a stable cuticle for natural, tangle-free hair. Seamless hair extensions give you a wonderful combination that makes your hairstyle very natural. Virgin hair extensions from a single donor are never treated, colored or crafted. You need to make sure you are very clean before installing these extensions.

4. Handle with care.

With proper care, a wig or hair extension can be your best friend. You can paint it, process it or brush it. However, a good and gentle product must be used when cleaning. Make sure it’s air-dried.

How to style your wig

·         Always tuck all hair behind your ears before brushing.

·         Leave only as much hair as possible to keep the wig looking natural.

·         If necessary, ask your hairdresser to cut the bangs and thin the wig for a more natural look.

·         On shorter wigs, use as little brush as possible. Instead, use your fingers and a special wig-styling cream to style and hold the hairstyle if desired.

·         To style, brush through your hair, but pull out the tines of the comb instead of sliding it all the way through your hair to prevent the wig from adding too much volume.

·         Before styling long straight wigs, always lightly spray with wig conditioner and use a wig brush, starting with the ends of the hair first.

·         For a more natural look, avoid the temptation to hold each hair in place.

·         Wear headscarves and other hair accessories as if you were wearing your own hair.


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