Where to Find The Latest CCNP Dumps?

The certification dumps are a key tool for learning Cisco certification. Doing exercises in the dumps can help us know which knowledge points we haven’t mastered yet. So it’s very important to find the latest and reliable dumps. Today, SPOTO brings you a detailed answer to the question put forward above.   

Confirm the exam subject you want to choose before searching for the dumps. Before searching for the latest CCNP dumps, you should decide which exam you want to take. As is known to all, today’s CCNP does not require candidates to pass three exams. Instead, it only requires one core exam plus one optional exam. Moreover, the core exam of CCNP is the same as the theoretical exam in the corresponding direction of CCIE. Therefore, there are a lot of people applying for CCNP now because they have more flexible choices. They can directly take another optional exam to obtain CCNP, or they can directly take the CCIE exam. Back to the topic, if you plan to apply for CCNP, the core exam is fixed, and you can choose one optional exam you are interested in. For example, if you choose EI direction, the core exam is 350-401 ENCOR, and the optional exams are as follows:

300-410 ENARSI: Implementation of Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Service, 

300-415 ENSDWI: Implementation of Cisco SD-WAN Solution, 

300-420 ENSLD: Design of Cisco Enterprise Network, 

300-425 ENWLSD: Design of Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network,

300-430 ENWLSI: Implementation of Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network, 

300-435 ENAUTO: Implementation of Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions. 

You can go to Cisco’s official website to view detailed information. After choosing the optional exam, you can search for the dumps accordingly.      

Then where to find the latest CCNP dumps? SPOTO recommends the following ways:      

Websites Providing CCNP learning materials

The Internet is very convenient to use. But if you only search through the browser, it is difficult to find the latest CCNP dumps because there is too much information to skim through. We can focus on some websites which provide learning materials and then click into the website to search for CCNP dumps. Of course, it may cost you a little.

Forums and Communities Related to Cisco Certification

In addition to the websites which provide learning materials, you can also go to the forums and communities related to Cisco certification to search. For example, you can find some related materials or dumps in the forum Young Eagle Tribe, and you can also join the community through the forum. The community is full of IT personnel, and there are rich learning resources. You can gain some experience from other people, too. This may be a good way to get the latest certification dumps.

Training Organizations of CCNP Certification 

It’s the most reliable way to get the latest CCNP dumps from training organizations. As long as you participate in relevant training, you don’t have to worry about all these problems. Generally, the training organizations have first-hand resources, and the certification dumps are updated timely. So the CCNP dumps provided by the training organizations are generally reliable. In addition, through participating in the CCNP certification training and learning, you can establish a more systematic knowledge system. As mentioned earlier, the core exam of CCNP is actually the same as the written exam of CCIE, so it’s worth taking.