What You Need to Know About SUP Touring


SUP touring is one of the most practiced paddleboarding activities among new and skilled paddleboarders across the world. This activity is considered an adventure that allows you to explore a place while enjoying the goodness of stand-up paddleboarding.

If you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about SUP touring, check out the following content and see what SUP touring is and if it’s a suitable activity for you. In this article, you’ll find the essential things you need to know about SUP touring, including:

  1. How experienced you need to go on a SUP tour
  2. The right board for SUP tours
  3. Where to start with SUP touring
  4. How long you should take on a SUP tour
  5. Tips to maximize your SUP tour

Paddling Experience You Need To Go on a SUP Tour

There’s nothing like how experienced you’re to go on a SUP tour. Paddlers of all skill levels can engage in SUP touring and exploring. However, it’s a great idea to ensure your SUPing skills are good enough to maximize your confidence and touring experience.

Generally, the further your trip is plus the water conditions, the better your SUP skills, as well as your SUp board, need to be to ensure you have a memorable experience. Besides your SUPing skills, you also need to fully understand any risks involved in the SUP touring you’re going to take. 

Regardless of your paddling skills and where you’re touring, there will be certain risks during your trip. We advise you to take necessary safety precautions when taking your SUP touring and exploration.

The Right Board for SUP Tours

Most SUP boards (both inflatable and rigid boards) can be suitable for SUP touring. However, depending on the specific SUP tour you’re going to take, certain types of boards can make a better choice than others. 

For instance, if you’re planning to spend several hours on the water exploring a local river, then any time of board will work for you. If you’re going on a long SUP tour with some equipment, then an all-around inflatable SUP board would be the right choice. 

Note: All-around inflatable SUP boards have increased buoyancy than rigid boards, and they typically come with straps to allow you to fasten your luggage. This makes it pretty easier for you to keep your belongings dry and safe as during paddling.

Where To Start With SUP Touring

If it’s your first time to take a SUP tour, it’s recommended you start taking short trips, move to longer ones, and eventually more adventurous trips as you get more cozy doing it. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering where you can go on a SUP tour and exploration. There are many different places you can enjoy SUP touring, and the possible spots include the ocean, lake, river, or even a canal.

While trying to decide where to go and start SUP touring, there are certain things you need to consider. Some of these include the factors that can negatively affect your SUP touring experience, like the weather, tides, currents, etc. 

Regardless of the SUP touring spot you choose, have it in mind that different types of water bodies present different types of risks. Make sure you thoroughly understand any risks associated with your preferred SUP touring spot to maximize your safety.

How Long You Should Take On a SUP Tour

There are no rules or standards that specify how much time you should take on a SUP tour. The amount of time or how further you paddle depends on your preference. 

If you’ve got limited time, even an hour of SUP touring should be enough. If you’ve got enough time, then you can spend a day, several nights, or even more. Nothing should stop you from enjoying a fantastic SUP adventure. All in all, if you intend to go on a more extended SUP tour, you’ll need extra preparation. An overnight SUP tour will require more stuff to keep you self-sufficient.

Who To Bring Along to Your SUP Tour

You can bring along any person or a group of people since no rule states who can or not accompany you on a SUP tour. It all depends on the kind of SUP touring experience you’re expecting to have. You can choose to go alone or bring your family, friends or join a paddling crew and hit the water. 

Tips To Maximize Your SUP Tour Experience

Picture it now: You and your SUP trip companion have taken a day or a few days to escape the city and explore your surroundings. This sounds great but taking a SUP tour may seem daunting. But it’s surprisingly straightforward to pack and prepare for your SUP tour. 

Below are intriguing tips on how to best prepare for the ultimate SUP tour and maximize your entire experience:

  • Research your preferred SUP touring spot
  • Pick the best SUP board and a paddle
  • Invest in one or two dry bags
  • Bring food and more drinking water
  • Pack essential SUP gear, including first aid and safety equipment
  • If it’s an overnight trip, pack the overnight gear (tent, tarp, sleeping mat/bag, pillow, etc.)


SUP touring is one of the best SUP activities that can significantly maximize your paddling enjoyment. This article outlines everything you need to know about SUP touring to help you understand if this activity is suitable for you.