What to Do When Passing Through Macon, Georgia

Given its cozy location in the center of the state, there’s plenty of reasons you might be passing through the city of Macon. No matter where else you might have been heading once you see all there is to do in this charming small city, those plans of yours might change. 

What gives it the charm it’s known for? Well, it’s not just one thing. There’s plenty of outdoors to explore and a rich cultural history to match. To give a taste of what the locals care about, there’s literally thousands of structures throughout the city on the National Register of Historic Places. If that doesn’t give you a good idea of their values, what does? 

Enjoy The Time Outside

The city itself is plenty lovely but don’t think that’s all there is to offer locally. As long as you have the time, any local would recommend spending the day at Amerson River Park where you’ll be able to take in plenty of beautiful views and get in a day’s worth of hiking and kayaking while you’re at it. If you are interested in kayaking, and don’t have your own with you, there’s plenty of options for renting as you’re passing through Macon. 

There’s also numerous community parks for those who love the outdoors but a hike just isn’t their style. Some of these parks are located right in town so a walk through one of them can be a perfect break from the rest of a day spent exploring all the town has to offer. 

See A Show

Even if you are only spending a few days in town, odds are in your favor that there’ll be a show happening at the Grand Opera House during that time. It was originally built in 1884 and still remains today offering guests a good look into the past all while enjoying contemporary entertainment. 

If community theater is more your style, you’ll be happy to know there’s plenty of that in town as well. Whenever you are passing through, take a minute to check what’s currently playing. Once you see everything they have packed for the season, you might even start looking at Macon houses for rent so you don’t have to miss a single production. 

Learn a Thing Or Two

We all love to better understand how the world around us works. In Macon, there’s plenty of ways to learn about both local history and the world at large. There’s the Museum of Arts and Sciences for those hoping to gain a little more insight into the scientific side of things. While they are often known for that, there’s plenty of fine art for those more creatively minded. 

For those seeking a clearer picture of American history, the obvious choice in Macon is the Tubman Museum. Since its opening in the 1980s, it has been the largest museum dedicated to African American art and history anywhere throughout the southeast. The Tubman museum is located perfectly in downtown Macon making it not only convenient to visit, but a perfect metaphorical beacon to a subject that needs to be better understood.   

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