What Is Unrealised Rent?

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Unrealized rent is a term used in the real estate industry to refer to the income that a property owner expects to receive but has not yet collected. This income is considered unrealized because it has not been paid by the tenant, even though it is due and owed to the landlord. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what unrealized rent is and how it can impact both landlords and tenants.

What Is Unrealised Rent?

Unrealized rent refers to rental income that has not been collected by the landlord. This may occur for a variety of reasons, such as a tenant falling behind on their rent payments or moving out before the lease term has ended. When a landlord is unable to collect rent, they may be able to take legal action to recover the amount owed.

However, in some cases, it may not be possible to collect the unpaid rent. For example, if a tenant declares bankruptcy, the landlord may not be able to collect any unpaid rent from them. In these cases, the landlord will need to write off the unrealized rent as a loss.

Why Is Unrealized Rent Important?

Unrealized rent is important for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, unrealized rent represents a loss of income that can impact their bottom line. When landlords are unable to collect rent, they may need to find other ways to cover their expenses, such as taking out loans or finding new tenants.

For tenants, unrealized rent can also be a problem. If a tenant is unable to pay their rent, they may face eviction and may have difficulty finding new housing. Additionally, if a landlord is forced to take legal action to recover unpaid rent, this can damage the tenant’s credit score.

How To Minimize Unrealized Rent?

There are several ways that landlords can minimize the risk of unrealized rent. One way is to screen potential tenants carefully to ensure that they have a reliable source of income and a good credit history. Another way is to require a security deposit from tenants, which can be used to cover any unpaid rent or damages to the property.

Landlords may also want to consider offering incentives to tenants who pay their rent on time. For example, they may offer a discount on rent for tenants who pay before the due date. Additionally, landlords should have clear policies in place for handling late rent payments and should communicate these policies to tenants.


Unrealized rent is a significant issue in the real estate industry, impacting both landlords and tenants. While there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of unrealized rent, there are steps that landlords can take to minimize their exposure. By carefully screening tenants, requiring security deposits, and having clear policies in place for handling late rent payments, landlords can reduce the risk of unrealized rent and protect their investment.


What Are Unrealized Rent Examples?

For instance, what if your tenant defaults and doesn’t pay you the rent? The amount that she doesn’t pay is called unrealized rent. What is unrealized rent? When a tenant defaults on the payment of her rent, for income tax (I-T) purposes, it is called unrealized rent.

What Is Unrealized Rent In Section 23 1?

Unrealized rent means such rent which is irrecoverable and is considered to be loss i.e. bad debt and in such cases, expected rent shall be computed for a full year and while computing rent received or receivable, such unrealized rent shall be excluded and GAV shall be higher of expected rent and rent received/receivable

What Is Rule 4 In Unrealised Rent?

  1. For the purposes of the Explanation below sub-section (1) of section 23, the amount of rent which the owner cannot realize shall be equal to the amount of rent payable but not paid by a tenant of the assessee and so proved to be lost and irrecoverable where,—

What Is The Meaning Of Fair Rent And Unrealised Rent?

Fair rent of the property. Calculate the actual rent of the property. It is the actual annual rent of is let-out property during the previous year. While computing actual rent, rent pertaining to the vacancy period or unrealised rent is not to be deducted. Compute gross annual value.


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