What Is SRN In Aadhar?

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Aadhaar, India’s unique identification system, has revolutionized the way individuals establish their identity and avail of various government and private services. In the Aadhaar ecosystem, the Service Request Number (SRN) plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth processing of service requests and resolving issues efficiently. In this blog, we will delve into the meaning of SRN in Aadhaar, highlight its importance, and explain how it is utilized in Aadhaar-related processes.

What Is SRN In Aadhar?

SRN stands for Service Request Number, and it is a unique identifier assigned to each service request or query raised by an individual in the Aadhaar system. Whenever you submit a request or seek assistance related to your Aadhaar card or services, an SRN is generated as a reference number for tracking and resolving your query.

Importance Of SRN In Aadhaar

  • Query Tracking: The SRN serves as a reference number that allows you to track the status of your service request or query. It helps you stay informed about the progress and resolution of your request, ensuring transparency and accountability in the Aadhaar system.
  • Efficient Customer Support: When you contact Aadhaar customer support or reach out through various channels, providing the SRN associated with your query enables support personnel to access your request details promptly. This helps them provide accurate and timely assistance, expediting issue resolution.
  • Escalation And Follow-Up: In case your query or service request requires further attention or resolution, the SRN becomes essential for escalation purposes. By referencing the SRN, you can escalate your issue to higher authorities or follow up on the progress of your request, ensuring a swift resolution.

Utilization Of SRN In Aadhaar-Related Services

  • Updating Aadhaar Details: When you submit a request to update or correct your Aadhaar information, such as address, phone number, or name, an SRN is generated. You can track the status of your update request using the SRN and ensure that the changes are reflected accurately in your Aadhaar card.
  • Aadhaar Enrollment: During the process of enrolling for an Aadhaar card, the SRN is provided to you as a reference number. This allows you to track the progress of your enrollment request and obtain your Aadhaar number once the process is complete.
  • Grievance Redressal: If you encounter any issues or have complaints regarding your Aadhaar-related services, raising a grievance generates an SRN. You can then track the status of your grievance using the SRN and expect a resolution within the stipulated time frame.
  • Aadhaar Authentication: In certain situations, such as linking your Aadhaar with various services or participating in government schemes, the SRN may be required for authentication purposes. It helps ensure the accuracy and validity of your Aadhaar information during the verification process.


The Service Request Number (SRN) in Aadhaar plays a vital role in facilitating smooth service requests, query resolution, and grievance redressal within the Aadhaar ecosystem. It serves as a unique identifier, allowing individuals to track the progress of their requests, escalate issues when necessary, and ensure efficient customer support. Understanding the significance of SRN empowers individuals to actively engage with the Aadhaar system, ensuring a seamless experience and accurate resolution of Aadhaar-related services and queries.


How Can I Check My Aadhar SRN Status?

In such cases, you can check your Aadhaar card update status by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Visit UIDAI’s website at https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/CheckAadhaarStatus.

Step 2: Enter the SRN (Service Request Number) and captcha code.

Step 3: The status of your update request will be displayed on the screen.

How Can I Get My SRN Number Again?

How To Generate Service Request Number? Service Request Number is generated automatically. You get an acknowledgement slip if you enrol for a new Aadhaar card, apply for any rectification, or update any details. On this slip, you will find the 28-digit Service Request Number.

How Do I Use My SRN Number?

You can use the SRN number in your Aadhaar to know the status of the correction or update online. Furthermore, SRN or Service Request Number is created when you put an Aadhaar Address update request by way of a Validation Letter.

What Is The Format Of Aadhar SRN Number?

A URN is a 14-digit number that looks like this: 0344/00225/02334. You can use the URN to check your Aadhaar update status anytime. You must keep your URN safe as it is required to track the Aadhaar URN Status. If you lose the URN, you will not be able to know the outcome of your request for updating your Aadhaar data.


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