What Is RT In CBSE Result?

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CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the most prominent educational boards in India, responsible for conducting examinations and evaluating the performance of millions of students. The CBSE result is eagerly awaited each year by students and their parents. Among the numerous abbreviations and symbols found in CBSE results, “RT” is one that can raise questions. In this blog, we’ll unravel the meaning of “RT” in CBSE results and explain its significance.

What Is RT In CBSE Result?

“RT” in CBSE results stands for “Result Withheld.” This acronym is used by the Central Board of Secondary Education to indicate that the result of a particular student has been withheld for a specific reason. In other words, it means that the student’s result is not released with the rest of the results due to certain issues that need to be addressed.

Reasons For Result Withheld (RT)

There can be several reasons for a result being withheld, and CBSE usually specifies the reason in the result document. Some common reasons include:

  1. Result Pending Investigation: If there are allegations of malpractice or misconduct during the examination, the result may be withheld pending an investigation.
  2. Unfair Means: If a student is found using unfair means during the examination, their result can be withheld.
  3. Pending Documents: Sometimes, students are required to submit certain documents or certificates for verification. If these documents are not provided, the result may be withheld.
  4. Fee Dues: Non-payment of examination fees can also lead to result withholding.
  5. Legal Disputes: In some cases, legal disputes or court orders may lead to result withholding.
  6. Document Verification: If there are discrepancies in the documents submitted by the student, the result may be withheld until the issue is resolved.

Resolution And Next Steps

When a result is withheld, it’s crucial for the student and their parents to address the issue promptly. The following steps can be taken:

  1. Contact the School: The first point of contact should be the student’s school. School authorities can provide guidance and assist in resolving the issue.
  2. CBSE Helpline: CBSE usually provides a helpline or contact details for students to inquire about withheld results. Contacting CBSE directly may be necessary to understand the reason for withholding the result and the steps to be taken.
  3. Document Verification: If the result is withheld due to document discrepancies, students should ensure that the required documents are verified and submitted to CBSE as soon as possible.
  4. Resolution of Allegations: If the result is withheld due to allegations of malpractice or misconduct, it’s essential to address these allegations and provide any required explanations or evidence to clear the student’s name.


“RT” in CBSE results, or “Result Withheld,” is a temporary status that indicates that a student’s result has not been released due to specific reasons. It’s crucial for students and their parents to understand the cause of result withholding and take prompt actions to address the issue. The resolution may involve contacting the school, CBSE authorities, or providing necessary documents or explanations. Once the issue is resolved, the result will be released, allowing the student to access their examination scores and move forward with their educational journey.


Does RT Mean Fail Or Pass?

RT or Repeat Theory is the new component in the CBSE marksheet introduced by the Board that indicates “improvement”. It is for those who appeared for 6 subjects and was unable to clear in one subject. Download your Score Card.

What Does RT Mean In Board Result?

Students are advised to get in touch with their respective schools for this. RT (Repeat Theory): Students of CBSE 10th and 12th have to pass both theory and practical papers to qualify for the examination. Students with RT against a subject need to appear for the theory paper during the compartment examinations.

What Is The Full Form Of RT In CBSE Board?

The abbreviation RT stands for “Repeat theory” and it is there as a means for students to understand their performance in CBSE 12th boards. The abbreviation RT stands for “Repeat theory” and it is there as a means for students to understand their performance in CBSE 12th boards.

What Is RT In Maths?

Since you have RT (Reappear in Theory) in Maths, it means that you have not cleared the exam in your first attempt, and you need to reappear to pass the subject.

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