What Is Forced Oscillation?

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Forced oscillation refers to a type of oscillation or vibration that is produced when a system is subjected to an external force or perturbation. In this blog, we will explore what forced oscillation is, how it works, and some real-world examples of this phenomenon.

What Is Forced Oscillation?

Forced oscillation is a type of vibration that occurs when a system is subjected to an external force. This external force can be periodic or non-periodic and can be of varying magnitudes and frequencies. When a system is subjected to a periodic external force, it will vibrate at the same frequency as the external force. This is known as resonance.

How Does Forced Oscillation Work?

The forced oscillation occurs when a system is subject to an external force that causes it to vibrate at a particular frequency. This frequency is known as the resonant frequency, and it is determined by the properties of the system, such as its mass, stiffness, and damping.

When an external force is applied to a system, it causes the system to move away from its equilibrium position. The magnitude and direction of this displacement depend on the properties of the system and the characteristics of the external force. As the system oscillates, it experiences energy losses due to friction and other forms of damping, which cause the amplitude of the oscillation to decrease over time.

Examples Of Forced Oscillation

Forced oscillation can be observed in many different systems, both natural and human-made. Here are a few examples:

  1. Pendulum Clock: The pendulum in a clock is an example of forced oscillation. The periodic motion of the pendulum is maintained by the external force of gravity.
  2. Guitar String: Plucking a guitar string causes it to vibrate at a particular frequency. This vibration is an example of forced oscillation.
  3. Bridges: Strong winds can cause bridges to vibrate at their resonant frequency, leading to structural damage.
  4. Car Suspension System: When a car drives over a bumpy road, the suspension system of the car is subject to forced oscillation.


Forced oscillation is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when a system is subjected to an external force. Understanding the properties and characteristics of forced oscillation can help us to design better structures and devices, as well as understand natural phenomena that involve vibration and oscillation. By exploring the examples and principles of forced oscillation, we can gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.


What Is A Forced Oscillation?

Forced oscillations occur when an oscillating system is driven by a periodic force that is external to the oscillating system. In such a case, the oscillator is compelled to move at the frequency νD = ωD/2π of the driving force.

What Is Forced Oscillations In Class 11th?

When a body oscillates by being influenced by an external periodic force, it is called forced oscillation. Here, the amplitude of oscillation, experiences damping but remains constant due to the external energy supplied to the system.

What Is Mean By Free And Forced Oscillation Class 12?

Free Oscillations : The oscillations of a body when it oscillates with its own frequency are called free oscillations. Forced Oscillations: When a body is subjected to periodic force it oscillates with the frequency of the periodic force. Such oscillations are called forced oscillations.

What Is Forced Oscillation In Real Life?

Forced oscillation in real life

If the swing is pushed each time it reaches a certain point it behaves as a forced oscillator and will continue to swing for as long as energy is supplied. This is shown below: The pusher normally pushes the swing every time it reaches its maximum negative displacement.


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