What Is Ex Showroom Price?

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Ex showroom price stands as a crucial term in the automotive world, delineating the cost of a vehicle exclusive of additional expenses like taxes, registration, insurance, and other charges. This detailed article aims to elucidate the meaning, differences from on-road price, factors affecting ex showroom price, and the significance of this pricing terminology.

What Is Ex Showroom Price?

Ex showroom price refers to the cost of a vehicle as displayed at the dealership or showroom, comprising the base price of the car without additional charges such as taxes, registration fees, insurance, and other on-road expenses.

Understanding Ex Showroom Price Vs. On Road Price

  • Ex Showroom Price: Reflects the cost of the vehicle before including additional expenses.
  • On Road Price: Encompasses the total cost of the vehicle inclusive of taxes, registration, insurance, handling charges, and other fees required to drive the car on the road.

Factors Affecting Ex Showroom Price

  • Base Price of the Vehicle: The primary cost of the vehicle without any added features or accessories.
  • Manufacturing Costs: Costs incurred during the production and assembly of the vehicle.
  • GST and Other Taxes: Indirect taxes like Goods and Services Tax applied to the vehicle’s base price.
  • Dealer’s Margin: The profit margin added by the dealership.

Ex Showroom Price In India

In India, ex showroom price varies across states and cities due to different tax structures, transportation costs, and local levies, impacting the final cost of the vehicle.

Ex Showroom Price And On-Road Price Calculations

To determine the on-road price from the ex showroom price, additional charges such as road tax, insurance, registration fees, handling charges, and other levies are added to the ex showroom price.

Significance Of Ex Showroom Price

Ex showroom price acts as the starting point for buyers, providing a base cost to compare different models and brands, aiding in making informed purchase decisions.


In essence, the ex showroom price represents the cost of a vehicle before adding taxes, registration, insurance, and other charges necessary to drive it on the road. It serves as a critical parameter for buyers to evaluate and compare vehicle costs.

Understanding the distinction between ex showroom price and on-road price enables buyers to plan their budget effectively and comprehend the complete cost involved in owning a vehicle, facilitating a well-informed and transparent buying experience.


What’s The Difference Between Ex-Showroom Price And On-Road Price?

The on-road price is always more than the ex-showroom price. Ex-showroom price is not inclusive of the registration charges, road tax, and insurance. The on-road price has some essential components and some non-essentials. Thus, the final on-road price varies as per the services and accessories you chose to avail.

What Is Ex-Showroom Full Form?

Ex stands for exclusive. Its exclusive showroom price. This Is the selling price of the car/bike that the manufacturer has decided. You can bargain for it however. This is the price at which you are buying the vehicle.

What Is The Difference Between Ex Factory Price And Ex-Showroom Price?

The Ex-showroom Price of a vehicle includes the ex-factory cost, Goods and Services Tax and the vehicle dealer’s profit margin. It is the price at which the vehicles are usually advertised.

How Is Onroad Price Calculated?

Onroad Price: The final selling price of a vehicle. It includes Ex-Showroom Price + RTO Charges+ Insurance + other charges to make the car legal to run on the road.

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