What Is Deemed Export?

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In the realm of international trade, the concept of deemed exports stands as a vital component, facilitating economic activities that transcend conventional export-import dynamics. This intricate term encapsulates transactions that, while not physically crossing international borders, still hold significant economic value and impact in the global marketplace.

What Is Deemed Export?

  • Definition: Deemed exports refer to transactions where goods or services are supplied within a country’s borders but are considered as exports due to their utilization in projects, production, or services for international entities or projects.
  • Classification: These transactions are deemed as exports from the perspective of receiving benefits and incentives similar to conventional exports, despite not physically leaving the country.

Key Aspects Of Deemed Exports

  • Categories of Transactions: Deemed exports encompass various scenarios, including supplies to projects funded by international organizations, goods for manufacturing or processing, and supplies to designated export-oriented units.
  • Eligibility for Export Benefits: In many countries, transactions deemed as exports are eligible for incentives, tax exemptions, or benefits offered to conventional exporters, promoting domestic production and participation in global projects.

Importance And Implications

  • Economic Stimulus: Deemed exports contribute to a nation’s economic growth by fostering domestic production, supporting industries, and enabling participation in global projects without the need for physical exportation.
  • Boosting Industry Competitiveness: By granting similar benefits to domestic suppliers for projects, deemed exports enhance the competitiveness of local industries and encourage their involvement in global ventures.

Examples Of Deemed Export Scenarios

  • Supplies to Foreign Projects: Providing goods or services to international projects funded by foreign governments, multinational corporations, or international bodies, where the products remain within the country.
  • Inputs for Export Production: Supplying raw materials, components, or machinery used in manufacturing goods destined for export markets, even though the goods themselves do not physically cross borders.

Regulatory Considerations And Compliance

  • Documentation and Reporting: While not involving physical exportation, deemed exports often require documentation and reporting to avail benefits and comply with trade regulations.
  • Compliance with Trade Policies: Countries may have specific regulations and guidelines governing deemed exports to ensure transparency, compliance with trade policies, and eligibility for incentives.


In essence, deemed exports represent a nuanced facet of international trade, transcending traditional borders and redefining the scope of economic participation in global markets. By recognizing the significance of transactions that contribute to international projects and production within domestic territories, deemed exports play a crucial role in fostering economic growth, encouraging industrial competitiveness, and broadening the horizons of global trade beyond physical export-import paradigms.


What Is Deemed Export With Example?

For example, Dealer ‘A’ (located in Rajasthan) sells goods to Dealer ‘B’ which is an EOU. B, in turn, sells the goods to a customer ‘C’ in Germany. Supply by A to B is treated as deemed exports. Supply by B to C is treated as exports.

What Is Deemed Export Or Re Export?

The term “deemed re-export” is often used to indicate the transfer of controlled U.S. technology to a third-country national overseas. As an example, a U.S. exporter transfers its controlled proprietary technology to a firm in country A.

What Is The Difference Between Deemed Export And Sez Sales?

is a specially demarcated enclave that is deemed to be outside the customs jurisdiction and therefore, a foreign territory. Thus, any sale made from within an SEZ to DTA is considered export while any sale made by an EOU to DTA is regarded as deemed exports.

What Is An Example Of A Deemed Export License?

For example, when a Kerala based manufacturer supplies goods to an Export oriented Unit in Maharashtra, who further ships the product to its customer in the UAE – the first part of the transaction is classified as deemed export while the second transaction is considered an export.

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