What are the Requirements for Cloud Computing Certification?

Cloud computing is one of the most discussed terms today in the global IT world. With terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science, Cloud computing has become an essential pillar for sustaining technological advancement in the new world.

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The term “Cloud” basically refers to the servers which are accessed through the internet. Placed on a virtual platform, these servers also support many services and databases. The cloud computing industry has been growing continuously at an exponential rate and is attracting a fair share of eyes.

The Cloud computing market is currently growing at a Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5% and is expected to cross the $300 billion mark soon [Source: Gartner]. This growth is creating more and more jobs, with an almost 42% increase in cloud jobs from 2018 to 2021. This increase in employment and lucrative career options have been attracting many students to go for a cloud computing job, and thus they are enrolling in online cloud computing certification courses offered by various learning platforms.

Graduates, as well as other students, can pursue cloud computing certifications. The average package a typical student receives in a cloud computing job is ₹20 lakh in India. However, many certificate courses keep certain minimum conditions for students to pursue them. Let’s continue reading and find out the top skills or qualifications required in many online certification courses.

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Note: All these eligibility conditions are not rigid, and some may just be preferred instead of being mandatory.

  1. Graduation Degree

This is a case not asked for in all the certification courses, but indeed in most of them. By asking you for an undergraduate degree, colleges, or online websites, make sure that you have the basic skills required while studying Cloud Computing. Many colleges and learning platforms also offer these certificate courses as a PG course or a PG diploma. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for you to have completed the UG course before you start the PG course.

  1. Work Experience

This is the least sought requirement when it comes to online certificate courses. However, there are some top colleges and universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, Purdue, Yale, etc., which prefer that you have some work experience. Most course providers make it a preferred skill rather than making it mandatory.

  1. Coding Skills/Programming Skills

Before you jump into any advanced field in the IT sector, you must ensure that you have some basic knowledge of programming. This basic knowledge is not limited to just printing “Hello World!” but includes various other concepts like Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, etc.

Many people claim that you can survive in Cloud Computing even without prior knowledge of coding. That’s not wrong, but being totally blank when it comes to programming will make you go through many difficult and embarrassing situations. Having a basic knowledge of Java, C++, Python, or any other script language is thus preferred.

Being skilled in one of the programming languages and script languages, you will also know how to optimize your work to deliver better results.

  1. Database Management

Cloud is all about handling servers and loads of chunks of data. This is a huge responsibility job and requires that you possess some basic skills. You are expected to know the basics of various database management software, which you will primarily deal with.

To be familiar with databases, you should go for understanding SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, etc. Various online websites offer course materials to learn these, that too completely free.

  1. Cyber Security

Cyber threats have been rising for the past 4-5 years, with various ransomware like Petya, Legion, and Pegasus doing rounds. In the field of cloud computing, everything is stored online and has digital access only. With so many firms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook relying on cloud servers completely, cybersecurity cannot be compromised. Therefore, it is crucial to have skills oriented towards Cyber Security to adequately safeguard your data and services.

  1. Networking

When working in the IT field, you are not required to possess software development and coding skills but some allied skills. Having adequate knowledge of Networking, Data Communication, IP Addresses is also beneficial for working on the cloud. Some other topics you can devote time to are Storage Nodes, Routers, Firewalls, Bandwidth, etc.

Top Cloud Computing Certificate Courses

After you possess these skills, there are various courses open for you to join. The table below shows some of the best available cloud computing courses in the market.

Course Name Provider Fees
PG Program in Cloud Computing Simplilearn and Caltech ₹ 2,00,000 + GST
Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Coursera Free
Introduction to Cloud Computing on Amazon AWS Udemy ₹ 1,600
Cloud Computing Engineering and Management edX and University of Maryland Free

Cloud Computing Jobs

These are some of the popular job profiles available in the market for those professionals who are skilled in Cloud Computing.

Job Profile Average Salary Package
Cloud Developer ₹ 18,80,000
Cloud Architect ₹ 17,96,000
Cloud Network Administrator ₹ 6,00,000
AI Architect ₹ 18,00,000
Cloud Security Expert ₹ 8,83,000
DevOps Engineer ₹ 7,14,000
Cloud Database Administrator ₹ 4,97,000
Computer Systems Analyst ₹ 4,57,000
IoT Engineer ₹ 9,86,000
IT Project Manager ₹ 15,32,000
Cloud Support ₹ 7,09,000
Cloud Consultant ₹ 11,05,000

Source: payscale.com

The Cloud Computing sector is evolving every day, and there is still a long journey ahead. If you find these job roles interesting and believe that you can fulfill these requirements, it would be a good decision to step into this sector. So do not wait and join an online cloud computing course now!