Web Services Interview Questions for Freshers

Web Services Interview Questions for Freshers Interview

Are you a fresher and preparing questions and answers for an Interview on Web Services? then you can check the basic interview questions for freshers on Web services on this page.

  1. What is a Web service?
    A service that can be accessed through Web and reusable is said to be a Webservice.
    (EX: Book My Ticket, IRCTC, Currency Converter, Etc)
    In a simple form XML+HTTP = Web service
    To design a web service xml is required
    To access that web service protocol (HTTP) is required
  2. What are the important elements or components to design a Webservices?
    There are 3 main important components of a Webservices. They are
    1. WSDL- Web services Description Language
    2. SOAP- Simple Object Access Protocol
    3. UDDI- Universal Description & Discovery Integration
  3. What are the uses of web services?
    Connecting existing software service
  4. What is a WSDL?
    WSDL is used to describe and locate a Webservice
  5. Explain the structure of a WSDL?
    What are WSDL Elements and explian each element?
    WSDL has 5 elements/ They are
    1. Data Types
    2. Messages
    3. Port Type
    4. Binding Service
    5. Service Elements
  6. How many types of WSDL’s and explain the difference?
    There are two types of WSDL’s.
    1. Abstract WSDL 2. Concrete WSDL
    Abstrat WSDL has three elemenets – Data Types, Messages, Port Type
    Concrete WSDL has 4 elements
    Thy are Data Types, Portotype, Binding Service
    Note: Abstrat WSDL does not have binding service element.
  7. What is the use of port type element?
    8. What is the use of Binding Service element?
    9. Difference between XSD import and Include?
    10. What is the use of message type element?
    11. By looking into the WSDL, How will you identify whetherit’s a synchronous or asynchronous process?
    12. What is SOAP?
    13. What is a Restful Webservice?
    12. What is a SOA? Explain the structure of SOAP message?
    13. What are the mandatory elements in SOAM message?
    14. What is difference between SOA Architecture and Web Services?

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