Web Development Processes – What separates Web Designers From Web Development?

Web development is basically the work involved to create a website for either the Internet or some other intranet. Web development can range from creating a simple single static web page of just text up to more complicated web-based applications, electronic publications, and social networking sites. Web development also includes designing one-page sites as well as more extensive applications. If you need more information on this topic, then read on.

A web development company usually has a group of expert web developers that are responsible for developing web pages and other interactive content for clients. This Web Development consists of the whole team that works on a particular project. This is where the front-end developer and the backend developer work together. The front-end developer is responsible for putting all the visual elements such as images and text on the web page. The back-end developer is responsible for handling the various formats such as HTML, JavaScript, XHTML, PHP, and CSS.

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Many people think that there is just one big difference between web development and web programming. However, there are actually many differences between these two jobs. These days, many websites are developed using a variety of technologies. And while it is true that programmers generally only have to program the basic HTML and JavaScript that are required for most websites, web developers must be skilled in using various technologies and also be capable of integrating them with each other in order to create customized websites.

One of the biggest differences between web development and programming is that developers don’t just write the code for the Web pages they create; they also manipulate the pages and create content according to the specifications that the client-side coding will provide. Developers have the flexibility to manipulate the web pages and make changes whenever they want. But web development also requires them to know how clients operate their computers, such as what programs to load on what servers, how to use the database technology, and so forth. Therefore, web development job titles require the developer to know about the various computer programs and technologies that he or she will need to utilize for creating the website.

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Another very important distinction between web development and programming is that most websites created today are interactive. User interaction is very important when it comes to designing and building websites. This means that web developers must be able to create websites that are interactive and that respond to what the user puts into them. The interaction may take the form of an online community, games, media player, or other activities that a user may partake in on the website. Developers have to ensure that the website is easy to use, uses proper user experience, is user friendly, and is easy to navigate.

While web developers usually do not handle the functionality of the websites that they develop, the web design phase does involve handling every aspect of how the website will function. It is during the web development process where the layout, typography, images, colors, and so forth are all conceptualized and came together in the final design of the website. Web developers are only concerned with putting all of the individual components together to create a functioning website, and therefore they do not deal with how the actual site will work once it has been completed.