Upgrade your dukaan with the digital approach


The way people manage their staff and employees has a big issue that needs an immediate solution. Traditional shops still use a pen and paper approach to record their employees’ attendance and manage payroll, which is quite a time and cost consuming. Small contractors and supervisors of small and medium companies used to note down their worker’s details in a notebook manually, which was very confusing and difficult to manage or keep track of records. It leads to wastage of time and efforts, which ultimately delays day to day business activities. For example- If the supervisor’s notebook or diary gets misplaced, he will lose all the staff details, and it would be a huge task to maintain everything all over again. Upgrading your dukaan with the digital approach is the need of the hour in today’s era. Digital Dukaan is something where you can perform various activities online that saves them time and efforts of the management. Thanks to the Pagarbook app, which has made it possible. Now you can get rid of the paperwork and use this app just at your fingertips. It is an app-based software designed to manage the traditional hisab kitab and helps you focus on growing the business. Being a payroll and attendance management app for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMe’s), this app is an easy to use solution to take staff attendance, manage staff salaries and payments and record the work done by them. You can use this app for free without incurring any subscription cost. It is efficient and easy to use the app.


  1. Staff attendance software
  2. Bulk payments
  3. Staff payments
  4. Intelligent dashboards
  5. Cashbook
  6. Online salary payments
  7. Reminders and notifications
  8. Multiple languages
  9. Backup facility
  10. User- friendly.
  11. Hire employees
  12. Budgeting and Financial Accounting
  13. Safe and secure


  1. You can easily manage your staff details on your phone or desktop. 
  2. You can take attendance of your employees and verify the same on your phone or desktop.
  3. You can put reminders as to when payment is due and pay the salaries or advances to multiple employees in just one click.
  4. Now, you don’t have to worry about calculating the salaries of every employee manually or talking to a bank to process the payments because Pagarbook app is here to help you deal with these things.
  5. Earlier, management lacked in measuring the employees’ performance. But now, you can easily monitor their performance on pagarbook’s dashboard.
  6. It can generate billing and salary invoices.
  7. It allows you to manage the cash flow of the organization at your fingertips.
  8. You can easily send messages immediately to the staff members through this app.
  9. It allows you to share payslips on an employee’s WhatsApp number.
  10. Users can add more than one business here.


The pagarbook app lets small and medium enterprises maintain their attendance, salaries and work easily. It is available in different languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Odia, Kannada.


You can simply download this app in few steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the play store or app store and search pagarbook. 
  2. Press install to download the app.
  3. After the installation, open the app and select the language you wish to use.
  4. Register your mobile number on the app.
  5. Enter your business details.
  6. Select the number of staff and frequency of the payment like daily, monthly or quarterly.
  7. Add the details of the staff, and you are ready to use this app.


The pagarbook app is suitable for freelancers, startups, agencies, enterprises, contractors and Small & Medium Enterprises.


Upgrade your physical dukaan to digital dukaan with one and only Pagarbook app that manages your staff and employees work, payment and salary for free and act as a digital payments entry book software app.