Truemeds for purchasing generic medicines

Have you ever considered buying generic medicines from an online home delivery medicine app of Truemeds?

Truemeds is India’s first online home delivery medicine app that sells 100% great quality medicines with convenience and safety. The cost of medicines in Truemeds is guaranteed to reduce by up to 72%, making it affordable for everyone. The online home delivery medicine app is licensed and supplies generic medicines from the top 30 manufacturers.


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Why do Trumeds sell generic medicines in India?

Generic medicines are made to be the same as existing tested and approved branded medicines in dosage form, safety, strength, administration route, quality, and performance characteristics. 

In India, generic medicines are tested and approved by The Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). And according to CDSCO, generic medicines should have-

  • The same clinical effect as brand-name medicines.
  • The same active ingredient as the brand-name medicines.
  • The same use indications, form(injections & tablets), strength, and route of administration(oral or topical). 
  • Made under the same strict standards as the brand name medicine.
  • The same label as the brand-name medicine’s label.
  • Been sold only after patent approval.

One of the most used antipyretic and analgesic brand-name medicines in India is Crocin. Crocin is nothing but paracetamol, which is a generic-name medicine. 

You all have heard about Candid dusting powders on television or online ads. The candid dusting powder is a brand-name medicine for clotrimazole, a generic medicine used for treating fungal infections. 

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Both branded and generic medicines have the same clinical effect on health conditions, but generic medicines are considered better than branded versions. 

  • Generic medicines are more affordable: 

Generic medicines cost 85% less than branded medicines in India.

Unlike brand medicines, generic medicines don’t have to repeat testing and studies to prove their effectiveness, dosage, administration, and safety. It saves a lot of money, thus costs less.

Generic medicines in India, unlike brand-name medicines, are not marketed on television, radio, or an online home delivery medicine app & websites. With no marketing, manufacturers sell generic medicines at affordable rates.

The supply of generic medicines usually does not involve any middlemen. Thus, it costs less than brand-name medicines. 

  • They are easily accessible:

You know, there are 12000 equivalent generic medicines available of any brand-name medicines in the market. It makes it easier for customers to purchase generic medicines offline or online. Finding a specific brand of the drug is kind of difficult and inconvenient for customers. 

These two criteria make buying generic medicines better than brand-name medicines. 

What makes Truemeds the best online home delivery medicine app for selling generic medicines in India?

  • Convenience and time-saving for everyone, including the elderly, less educated, busy scheduled people, and disabled persons.
  • Medicines in Trumeds are approved by the CDSCO and under strict testing standards. So, it doesn’t sell expired, diluted, or fake medicines.
  • Generic medicines are recommended by the certified doctors of Truemeds with years of experience. To know more about the medicines, you can opt for a free consultation with the doctors of Truemeds.
  • The online home delivery medicine app even has strict testing standards for generic medicines. Every medicine in Trumeds is clinically effective and is approved by the government.
  • Truemeds guarantees to reduce the cost of medicines by up to 72%, which makes it affordable for everyone. 
  • In case of any issue, medicines are easily returnable. And money is easily refundable.