Top UAE Job Sites

This article provides a list of the best websites for employment in the UAE. These sites are very useful for those who are looking for a high-paying job with good conditions.

We suggest you consider the following best job search platforms in the Arab Emirates.

1. Jobs Dubai 

One of the most popular job portals in the UAE, posting daily ads for job seekers of all types of jobs. Jobs Dubai offers around 7,000 jobs in almost all sectors of the UAE economy.

2. CareerJet 

This website will quickly and easily find the right job for you, as it gives you access to over thousands of jobs . CareerJet partners with an incredibly huge database of available and possible jobs for people. This is where employers who are looking for the right candidate regularly post jobs. 

 On this site, you view about several thousand job postings from numerous sites.

3. Layboard

This is one of the most professional recruiting platforms specializing in jobs in the Arab Emirates and beyond .This site is great for professionals of all categories.Job search on this site is available in more than ten countries. You can sort vacancies by location and salary. 

Leaving your application, as well as monitoring the exposure of jobs, you will not be left without work and in a short time will find exactly what you need.

4. Ditrc

Ditrc, based on the creation of the international recruitment agency Delta. This site is not only a job search site, but also a stream of consulting services, which is great, and also the consulting is a nice free bonus

6. Dubai Careers. 

The goal of the portal is to attract job seekers from all over the world for government jobs in Dubai, especially from Pakistan and India. You can register for free on the Dubai Careers website and search for jobs in any category that suits you.

7. Hubbae

Hubbae is a meeting place for people in the UAE, the Middle East and even abroad.

This site also offers multifaceted services, such as work, buying/selling things, products and travel services.


This site updates its vacancies daily and also maintains articles in Dubai, which can inspire confidence and the ability to find exactly the right job. The platform takes clients directly from other sources and places in the UAE. They offer services such as resume writing assistance, interviewing via Skype or other social media, job search consultations, and interview preparation. If you visit this site, you should apply and you are sure to get a job on the platform that best fits your profile. Searching for jobs by category and city is very convenient.

9. Gulf Talent.

Thanks to this professional team, employers are contacting nearly 60,000 professionals each month

A fast-growing job search site in the UAE and the Middle East, all of their offers are top-notch. To start your job search, you need to register and then send your resume 

10. Jobpraido

Jobrapido is a global job portal that also offers a large number of jobs in the UAE. New job vacancies for residents of Dubai, Dira, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Jumeirah appear on this site every day.

11. Job Hunt Gulf

Gulf Job Hunt provides customers with the best, most effective and easiest way to find the right candidate for their position. It is a completely free site for both job seekers and employers. 

12. Nadia

You can apply at any time and get the perfect job that best fits your profile. You will receive job examples from this platform in the mail. 

We recommend initially searching for jobs by category and city-it will make your search easier.

 This job portal gives you free career advice, how to quickly and correctly write a resume, how to prepare for an interview and all the tricks. The platform itself is very effective, clear and easy, which speeds up the process of finding a profession.      

In addition, we’ll give you some free sites for certain cities:

  1. – Jobs in Abu Dhabi (UAE);
  2. – jobs in Sharjah (UAE);
  3. – work in Dubai (UAE);
  4. – work in Ajman (UAE);
  5. – work in Al Ain (UAE);
  6. – work in Ras Al Heim (UAE);
  7. – work in Fujairah (UAE);
  8. – work in Umm Al Kuwait (UAE);

 And now we will provide the best:

  1. specialized job search sites in UAE (with vacancies):
  2. – jobs at Emirates Airline and subsidiaries;
  3. – jobs for women in the UAE;
  4. – jobs in finance, banking, accounting and auditing;
  5. – jobs in UAE for IT professionals;
  6. – jobs in UAE in the oil and gas industry;
  7. and and – Hospitality jobs in the UAE;
  8. – UAE jobs in education;
  9. and – medical jobs in UAE;
  10. – jobs in UAE for people with special needs. 

In this short article, we have reviewed the best, easiest and most effective job search websites in the United Arab Emirates. And for a successful job search, you should go to  where you will quickly find the right profession, as this site is very handy to use and easy to understand for every job seeker .We guarantee it, so you won’t regret it!