Top Tips for Getting More Out of Your Laptop

It is estimated that almost half of the world’s population owns a laptop. However, there are far more laptop and home PC users in the developed world, where around 80% of households have access to a personal computer. In recent years, millions of homes have integrated a home office into their property. This was in part due to the increasing need for remote or hybrid models of work due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in restrictions on movement and group gatherings. Today, smartphones are increasingly popular for a range of online activities, from web surfing to responding to emails. However, the laptop still has a wide range of uses beyond being part of a home office setup. This article explains three key ways in which you can get more out of your laptop beyond simple home office tasks.

Consider Online Trading


In recent years, the popularity of online trading for private individuals has increased significantly. There are now several trading platforms available to the public that can allow trading on a vast range of the world’s stocks, shares, and assets. In addition, there is a range of websites that cater specifically for trading in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Whilst these digital assets tend to be highly volatile, this also gives them the possibility of increasing sharply in value over a short time. When trading in cryptocurrencies, it can help to have access to conversion charts, such as those that show ETH to USD, as these can help to guide investment decisions. Trading on a laptop can represent an ideal way to view complex information, thanks to a laptop’s larger screen size when compared to a smartphone. Today, many online traders prefer to use a laptop for their market activities because of this. 

Create a Website


The laptop is also a perfect platform to use when creating a website. Only a few decades ago, website design required a range of highly developed coding skills to create professional-looking results. Today, there is a wide range of website development applications that require little or no coding abilities. Here are some of the best web-building applications available today, which include a mix of free and paid-for services. The main benefit of using a laptop for web design is that you can get a much clearer idea of planning layouts and page themes on a larger screen. In addition, being able to have several windows open at one time allows widgets and other gadgets to be searched for and installed on web pages. 

Stream Online Games

In 2022, millions of people around the world enjoy the excitement and thrills of online gaming against other human opponents. Playing the top sports or first-person shooter titles in a competitive environment can create a fantastic and immersive gaming experience. If your laptop is powerful enough to run the latest games, it can be a good idea to consider creating live streams of the action on platforms, such as YouTube or Twitch. Some of the most notable live streamers have become celebrities and have managed to cultivate a following of millions of like-minded gamers. As your live stream following grows, there may be options to monetize the streams and even generate a valuable second income from this activity.