Top 3 Best Rides for Adults to Try at Universal Studios Singapore

When you visit Singapore later, don’t miss your chance to visit Southeast Asia’s first and only movie theme park; Universal Studios Singapore. Located in Sentosa Island, this theme park features thrilling rides and attractions for everyone; adults and kids.

You can start planning ahead your visit there to make the most out of your time and you can try the must ride attractions in this theme park. You can start with planning to buy your Universal Studios Singapore ticket online through its official website or other platform like Traveloka to save time and your money. If you hate waiting in long queue, especially at the most popular rides here, you may opt to buy Express Pass to skip the line.

Next, you must plan your time wisely to try the rides you have your eyes on. It is because even if you arrive early at this park, the queue can be long and there are tons of distractions along the way. But you should never miss these best rides for the thrill seekers adults at Universal Studios Singapore.

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  1. Transformers: The Ride

You will be considered never to visit Universal Studios Singapore if you didn’t ride this one. This is the number one ride in this park and the queue can be crazy. But it will all be worth it because you’ll be able to feel as if you are inside the Transformers movie.

This ride is a 3D ride where you sit in a cart with special glasses on and you’ll be flying and moving according to the actions on the screen. This Transformers ride is an incredibly amazing ride to try, but beware it can cause motion sickness.

  1. Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon

If you love rollercoasters, you should definitely try this majestic, out-of-the-world roller-coaster ride because this ride consists of two rides in one; the blue inverted coaster represents the Cylon and the seated red coaster represents the Human. 

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If you like a jaw-dropping ride, choose the Cylon because it will take you upside down with amazing loops and inversions that definitely will make you scream out loud. If you don’t like going upside down during the drop, you can choose the Human that offers no inversions but tight turns, and tall drops that will make you shout because of the excitement (or fear).

When you ride this, you are required to store all your stuff in the nearby locker for safety reasons. From glasses to phones. The staff will double check you with hand-held metal detectors to make sure you follow the rules. 

  1. Revenge of the Mummy 

This is another roller coaster ride for the thrill seekers. It is similar to Transformers but without 3D glasses. This ride is the combination of a jaw-dropping roller coaster, haunted house and awesome adventure.

You’ll be off in a cart through the ancient Egyptian tomb, encounter various scenes with extra surprises and finish it off with an intense roller coaster in the dark. 

The queue in this ride can be long too, but if you know the right timing, your waiting time will be just as short as 5 minutes. Usually, when the park opens, this ride won’t have a too long queue as everyone flock in front of Transformers.

So next time you visit this incredible theme park, don’t forget to try those thrilling rides before trying the others as the queue can be crazy, especially during weekends or public holidays. It is advised to arrive there before the park officially opens, so you have enough time to ride those popular rides without queuing for hours. 

If you have Singapore on your bucket list of travel destinations after the pandemic is over, you really should visit Universal Studios for a lifetime experience.