Tired of your routine? Switch it up with these exciting weekend plans in Ahmedabad

There are times when you feel like your life has just become work, sleep, repeat. Even when you’re studying in a top-ranking university or working at your dream job, sometimes your daily routine can leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel. And post the pandemic and the resultant advent of work (and study) from home culture, your monotony may have doubled in the last few months. But you’re living in a girls hostel in Ahmedabad, a city that’s a hotbed of culture, events and opportunities. There’s no reason for you to be stuck in a rut. That’s why we’ve brought you a list of exciting weekend plans in Ahmedabad that’ll break you out of your week’s stress. Trust us, there’s something here for everyone.

Catch a movie at Sunset Drive In

We’re starting with a basic option, with a twist. Nothing says weekend plans like watching a movie with your friends, but this is no ordinary Netflix party. Sunset Drive In will bring you an experience straight out of Grease – watching a drive-in movie. So instead of a visit to the usual multiplex and try something new instead. This is a unique way for you to bond with your friends or family, and is a huge hit with the young crowd. Best of all, the open air theatre makes it super safe even after Covid, and the individual sound system you’ll receive means you’re not compromising on sound quality. Best of all, you can bring your own food if you want, although the food court in the vicinity will surely have a popcorn option.

Turn into a tourist

You don’t actually have to spend exorbitant amounts or travel for ages to play the tourist. A city like Ahmedabad has plenty of historic sights for you to explore and enjoy. The old world charms of Jama Masjid are unparalleled, especially if you’re an architecture enthusiast. And once you’re in the area, make sure you check out the Bhadra Fort as well. Here you’ll get to see the iconic Teen Darwaza, and even get a glimpse of the walled city that the fort enfolds. Since the area is a huge tourist attraction, there are plenty of colourful local bazaars that can add some vibrance and vivacity to the background of your selfies.

Reconnect with nature

If your work week has left you feeling out of touch with your more natural surroundings, you could consider a trip to Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary. This is an absolute treasure trove for wildlife lovers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Keep your eyes peeled because you can spot over a hundred types of birds here, not to mention fauna like black buck, jackals, and blue bulls. Since the sanctuary is located around 30km away from the city, we recommend making a day out of the trip and soaking up as much of the park’s beauty as possible.  Pro tip: the sanctuary is at its most beautiful during the monsoon season, when flamingos flock to the lake. It’s a sight you’ll never want to miss.

Get your adrenaline pumping

If adventure is something that you’re missing in your PG in Navrangpura during the week, you can get your fill of thrills during the weekend. The Sabarmati riverfront’s two-tier promenade boasts several watersports for you to try. Dive into different activities like paddle boating and kayaking, or get yourself a jet ski. And if you’re brave enough, you can even try out the newly installed zipline river-crossing here. That’s got to break you out of your slump.

Get inspired

Sometimes being stuck in a rut can take a toll on your motivation and leave you feeling emotionally drained. At such moments, what you need is something to spur you back into action and push you to continue. So if you need a weekend plan that will rejuvenate and inspire you, head to the Sabarmati Ashram. This memorial to the father of the nation will take you back in time to see artefacts, books, paintings and other archives of Mahatma Gandhi’s life. There’s nothing to make you want to ‘be the change you want to see’ than walking around the ashram in the literal footsteps of the Mahatma.

Those are some of our ideas that can get you out of your routine. No matter what your interests are, there’s got to be at least one idea that you’ll want to try. So don’t let the monotony of the week get you down and countdown the days to your exciting weekends.