Tips to Use Mobile Swipe Machines Easily

Running any business today implies that you have to remain abreast with the latest offerings, customer preferences, and payment trends. Be it the advent of a new POS, a newly-launched digital payment method, or the facilitation of doorstep deliveries, it is important to adapt to efficient, customer-friendly technologies to boost your business. In recent years, the mobile swipe machine has revolutionized on-site/doorstep payments and payments on the go. This simple, portable POS device has drastically altered the notion of fixed POS machines and wired card swipe devices. 

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How does a Mobile Swipe Machine work?

The mobile swipe machine is a handheld, wireless POS device that runs on Wi-Fi. It can be used to collect payments for home deliveries. A lot of the time, the customer doesn’t have the exact change or doesn’t want to make cash payments. In such a scenario, this new POS is a saviour in terms of operational ease and customer satisfaction. The delivery personnel can easily carry it in their pockets to collect doorstep payments. You need to ensure that the device has been charged fully before carrying it on site. It can also be used inside the store to ease out high-traffic checkout phases, especially during peak hours weekends, or festive sales. Nowadays, most portable swipe machines are not just intended for debit card and credit card swiping, but also enable a wide range of popular digital payments. This includes UPI payments, scan and pay, and various digital wallets.

Stepwise Process of Using a Mobile Swipe Machine

As long as you opt for a high-quality mobile POS from a reputed POS service provider, you can be assured of hassle-free payments. Also, getting a touch-screen mobile POS with Android OS is the best option if you are keen on user-friendliness. While the steps and tips for using this new POS vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, here is a general outline of the steps involved in its use:-

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  1. Switch on the mobile swipe machine using the power button. Connect it with the Wi-Fi hotspot of your smartphone.
  2. Sign in with your employee ID and password. Ideally, do this step before approaching the customer for payment.
  3. Ask the customer for his/her preferred mode of payment.
  4. If it is a card payment, insert the chip portion of the card into the slot and swipe it. Enter the transaction amount.
  5. Show it to the customer for approval and ask them to key in the pin.
  6. Select the ‘proceed’ option and the money is immediately transferred from the customer’s account to the merchant account. 
  7. If this new POS accepts payment methods apart from card payments, you can proceed with QR code payments, UPI, and digital wallet payments as specified. The payment acceptance steps would be the same as in the case when you accept these modes of payment via your smartphone.

Advantages of Using a Mobile Swipe Machine

Investing in a good mobile swipe machine is a win-win situation from both your business point of view and the customer’s point of view. On one hand, your business cash flow gets a boost owing to seamless and unhindered payments. On the other hand, your customers are satisfied with the swift checkout/payment experience, be it in the store or at their doorsteps. Here are the top advantages of this new POS that has single-handedly increased the popularity of doorstep deliveries:-

  • Based on the payments enabled(card or digital), the mobile POS ensures minimal contact or contact-free transactions. This is particularly significant in the current pandemic scenario.
  • Cloud Storage of all transactions enables business owners to focus on sales and operations without worrying about manual bookkeeping.
  • Fast and Secure Payments with zero holding period.
  • An excellent solution to resolve the payment woes of customers and eliminating queuing at the checkout counter.
  • Boosts your sales as a business owner, since you can easily capture market segments that refer alternative modes of payment.
  • A cost-effective POS device that is sleek, convenient, and offers high ROI.

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The mobile swipe machine is a new POS that has brought about fantastic results for multiple businesses. Whether you run a grocery store, a fashion boutique, an event management business, a legal services firm, a pest control business, a furniture shop, a home salon, and so on, a mobile POS can help in the smooth and seamless collection of payments from customers on-site, or on the go.