Tips for Selecting Good File Recovery Software

As there are so many options out there, it can puzzle anyone to find and choose the best data recovery software that not only fits your preference but also offers the best data recovery experience. Prior to purchasing new data recovery software, it is prominent to consider different aspects of this software, especially the pros and cons of that particular file recovery software. Since it is regarded as a significant part of your daily life filled with technology and data, choosing the best application can be overwhelming at some point. 

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To minimize the burden of finding the proper data recovery application to continue recovering your lost files, here are 7 tips that you can follow:

  • Customer Service 

After-sales customer service is one of the most significant characteristics that can easily define its devotion toward its clients. That means, if you notice you are not getting enough responses from the company’s side, take this company is not customer-friendly for granted. Needless to say that a great company always prioritizes its customer rather than anything else and regardless of the subscription they bought for them.

  • Credibility

A software company plays their role in the most crucial area, which is none other than technology and in order to ensure that you are purchasing the best quality data recovery application, makes sure that the company is credible enough to purchase. How will you confirm? Well, the straightforward answer is you can first ask your surroundings-friends, family and even neighbors regarding that software developing company and then go for the online reviews if you are not satisfied. Feedback from the close ones is undoubtedly most unbiased and pure so try to take those into account.

  • Narrow Your Requirement 

Having a good understanding of your requirement is essential because, based on the requirements, you will be looking for the recovery software that will indeed ensure maximum satisfaction with the job done. If you don’t narrow down your requirements, you will most likely hover over many recovery software without knowing what you particularly need. For instance, IT professionals would choose advanced data recovery software, whereas a general public without any prior knowledge of IT would prefer something available and straightforward, user-friendly software. 

  • Create A-List

Perhaps, you are aware that companies vary their price range and the package to compete in the market. Under such circumstance, you can exploit this kind of situation. For instance, creating a list mentioning all the details, for example, features, subscription type, and most importantly, their price range, will save your bucks and help you choose the best out of the best. This is yet considered one of the best tricks to get the best data recovery application.

  • Supporting Range

By supporting range, it is referring to the type of files that particular data recovery supports. For instance, ‘A’ supports only 100 formats that means you can only recover those files if those fall under-supported file list. In this case, it is essential to consider that the best data recovery software supports a wide range of file formats without any doubt. Also, as for the platform, some companies only support Mac data recovery while others may have multiple choices.

  • Safe and secure tool

Safety and security should be given the utmost priority; otherwise, you will be risking all the data for recovering a small number of files. Safe and secure tools mean you need to make sure that the application you choose is 100% safe to use. In order to be more particular, you can both check the installation file using anti-virus, and also you can ask others or see their comment portraying their experience to get a good gist about the tool.

  • Try Trial Version 

Almost all the data recovery software companies offer a trial version intending to attract more potential customers. While they provide such lucrative offer, you as a customer have the chance to try their application before even pouring all the money into buying a monthly or yearly subscription. For instance, iBoysoft data recovery software offers accessible trails which can be used to restore up to 1GB of files or data without any cost, and if you like it, you can then move toward the pro version. 


When it comes to data recovery software, the sheer number may confuse you. Lucky you, we have selected one credible brand, iBoysoft data recovery software. It offers two versions, including Mac and Windows, along with high recovery rate and 100% guaranteed secure. Plus, the 7-day trial also enables users to try before use.