Three Reasons You Must Lean on a Title IX Lawyer When Facing Sexual Assault Allegations on Campus

Three Reasons You Must Lean on a Title IX Lawyer When Facing Sexual Assault Allegations on Campus

Have you been accused of sexual assault on campus? If so, you need to carefully engage a Title IX lawyer to defend you. This is a serious accusation that can damage your educational and professional careers. Read on to know why you need a lawyer in this situation:

The Consequences are Far-Reaching

A great attorney who specializes in Title IX cases can represent you in hearings and advocate you through a process that can significantly impact your education and other important aspects of your life. They will guide you through the process and ensure your school respects your rights. With a Title IX violation, you don’t just worry about being suspended or expelled from school. Did you know that it can affect your ability to transfer or graduate? In fact, it may also impact your ability to land a job in the future or pass a background check following school. Since the proceeding won’t go away by itself, you must work with a skilled advocate to help you secure the best outcome.

Schools Often Side with the Accuser

Usually, schools will prioritize the interest of the accuser over yours. They will try to handle the Title IX case in a way that satisfies the federal government to ensure they don’t lose funding. But, schools also know the possibility of facing lawsuits from accused students whose rights were not upheld during the proceedings. By having an attorney on your side, your school becomes aware of your seriousness in facing the complaint against you. Also, the school knows you have been informed about your rights and won’t let yourself be taken advantage of during the proceedings. 

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You Need to Preserve Evidence and Remain Silent

Your Title IX lawyer may give you advice on ways to avoid actions or comments that can have negative effects on your hearing. They will ensure you do not make costly mistakes that result from your lack of knowledge. In general, you must preserve any evidence you have such as relevant emails, text messages, and social media interactions obtained before or during the incident. Also, you need to avoid making further contacts with the accuser and making statements regarding your case to anybody but your lawyer. Try to stay away from social media while your case hasn’t been resolved. Otherwise, you could end up creating evidence for the other party to use against you in Title IX hearings or court. 


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