Things to Consider While Buying the Best Pool Table Ping Pong Combo


The biggest headache for lovers of home games is how to create multiple games and tables in a single room and how to maneuver. A multi-game table, in our case a pool table tennis combo in this case is a perfect choice.

You can have three, four, or even up to 10 different games instead of simply adding a pool or a ping pong table to your games room. Combination tables are also fun for a whole family and friends because everyone can find their favorite games. They’ve all got from football to table tennis, billiards, and backgammon. However, some standard features differentiate the best pool table tennis combo from the many options available on the market. Size, durability, and accessories are involved.

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So we have a purchase guide further down this post with information on the features to consider when a multi-game table is purchased.

Things to Consider


The play area is where the action takes place so that the action must be durable and meet the requirements for each game. For example, a football top should be made to speed up the game, while a pool table cloth must be soft so that the movement of the ball is not hindered. But if you want to buy one for children, in particular, you don’t have to emphasize too much premium quality.

Quality of Material

A good table with multiples should be robust and not very heavy. Sometimes you might want to change your place at the table and it will be a challenge to move it if it is too heavy. Take also an account of the table material because you want the investment to last for the time test. Because of their high moisture resistance, composite materials are often used for football tables. PVC is also a long-term option for games such as football and billiard pool. 

For quality of the material, you can learn more about top pool/ping pong table combos at Playing Spoiler. There you will get the best guide on choosing the pool on the behalf of the material.

We have heard reports from customers that surfaces and equipment break out within the first year of purchase. It is therefore good to read a few reviews of the product you wish to purchase.


While the table must be versatile and have a robust design, it must also stand the time test. If you buy one of your children, the risk is high sooner or later that they or some of their accessories will be damaged. Sometimes fluids can accidentally spill over and deform the surface, or something can fall and break down. It is therefore important to purchase a table that lasts.

Size of Table

Table game enthusiasts are aware that tables come in different sizes and multi-game tables are no different. They range from standard full-size tables to compact tables which are smaller than the size of the regulation and mini tabletops.

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Keep in mind that there is no one-size table because your choice depends on the room you have in your home and on the way you plan to use it. A mini-table is enough for young children, whereas teens and adults like the Hathaway Maverick or the Swivel Multigame Table 3-in-1 Triumph would prefer a greater option.

Things Included

The table should come with all necessary accessories depending on the type of games you can play. Some include sticks and balls for billiards, air hockey pucks, a net and a post set for table tennis, and so on.


We have seen that multi-game tables have short-term guarantees in the form of a money-back guarantee of 90 days or a one-year guarantee. And if the table is well built and has the necessary accessories, the warranty may not be used.

Storage Option

Some models like Sunnydaze 10 Multi Game Table have been designed to store every surface of the game. The surfaces simply stack one another, eliminating worries about where the surfaces not in use can be placed. Another brilliantly designed table is the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, which offers side storage for billiard balls and cue sticks as you play a different game. Most of you can be pushed into a corner and out of the way for the storage of your multi-game table.

Benefits of Pool Table Ping Pong Combo

Less Space Consumer

This table saves space for the installation of different tables in just one game by having multiple games in one unit. Most people do not have enough room to have a table tennis table, a pool, and a football table all as separate units, so there’s no brainer for a multi-game table. You can also choose to store the detachable tops in another place. However, some models come with an onboard storage system for accessories such as billiards and hints.

Economical in Cost

The cost to buy a premium multi-game table is lower than to buy tables with single games. Moreover, multi-game tables feature different accessories not available in single-game models. This means that you can save a lot of money in comparison with buying single-game options without as many accessories.

Multi-Player Table

Multi-game tables have something for everyone with some games to offer. Most of them are great for children and adults alike. Whether you have friends or meetings at home, everyone can enjoy a pre-game meal or play games simultaneously at the same place. Mostly there are lot of in gaming rooms.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this review and I hope that we made it easier for you to select the best table ping pong combo for your game room or even for children.