The Best Stomach Exercises of All Time For Women 

A lot of women out there dream of having a flatter abdomen and a strong core. If you are one of these ladies who harbors this goal, chances are you already have an idea about what core training is all about. As such, performing ab exercises goes beyond working on your abdominal muscles. 

While this type of training helps you look slimmer, it also improves your balance by supporting your backbone and spine and making you lose the belly pooch as well. On top of that, women who workout to build their cores can do better at skiing, dancing, skating, gymnastics, and can do yoga poses for a longer time.  

To help you achieve toned abs, strong core, and flat stomach muscles, here are some of the ab exercises for you. 

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Hip Lift

If you want to strengthen the group of muscles that support your pelvis and spine you should include 10 to 20 repetitions of hip lift on your workout. This ab exercise is a great help to improve your posture, keeping your body physically fit. To do this, you should follow the steps below:  

  • Lie on your back and put your legs up until they’re perpendicular with your trunk.  
  • Pull your navel towards your spine and lift your hips a few inches off the ground. Make sure to keep your legs pointed straight up. 
  • Then, lower your hips slowly down to the floor and restart the motion. 
  • According to the pros, this ab exercise will be more effective when you can complete each repetition without letting your hips touch the ground. 

Flutter Kicks

Another stomach exercise that will help strengthen your core is the flutter kicks workout. This exercise specifically targets your lower abdominal wall, making your leg and full-body much stronger than before. On top of that, you may do this exercise at home or search for the best fitness center near me on Google to know the nearest gym in your area. To reap the benefits of performing this ab exercise, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Lie down on your back and lift your legs until they are aligned above your hips. 
  •  Put your hands beneath your buttocks. 
  • Keep your lower back on the floor while raising both of your legs up. Lift your legs slightly past the height of your hip, keeping your core engaged the whole time. 
  • Once you have reached a challenging height, lift your feet a single inch and start making small kicks up and down with your legs.
  • If you want a higher level of flutter kick exercise, you may also lift your head and neck off the ground. 
  • You may repeat this motion for up to 30 seconds. 

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Toe Touches

If you want to achieve a flatter belly, you should add the toe touches exercise to your workout routine. This ab exercise is ideal for toning your abs, strengthening your core, and trimming down your waist. Plus, doing it regularly for 10 to 20 repetitions may help improve your balance, flexibility, and posture. To perform the toe touches exercise just follow these steps: 

  •  Lie down your back off the ground and lift your legs pointing to the ceiling. 
  • Crunch up and try to touch your feet. 
  • Lower down and repeat the motion.  

Vertical Leg Crunch

One of the most effective core exercises for women is the vertical leg crunch or also known as crunch up. This ab workout may help you achieve a flatter belly, toned abs, and a strong core. If you’re doing a core workout with your bodybuilding trainer this instant, you may tell them to include the vertical leg crunch in your routine. 

Besides strengthening your core, it is also effective for recruiting external and internal obliques, transverse abdominals, and lower back extensors. To do this exercise, here’s what you need to follow:

  •  Start with your back on the ground and put both of your hands behind your neck.
  • Lift your legs up and extend them until they’re perpendicular to the ground with your knees slightly bent. 
  • Crunch up toward the ceiling and lower yourself down.
  • To prevent placing stress on your neck, don’t curl your head to your legs with your arms. 
  • For faster results, you may do the vertical leg crunch for 3 sets of 12 to 16 repetitions. 


Having a flatter stomach, toned abs, and strong core is more than being sexy and looking beautiful. Besides physical improvement, performing the ab exercises above is a great way to achieve a healthier body, making every woman lose belly pooch. On top of that, adding these exercises to your workout routine may improve your balance and will help you get away with back and joint pain.