The Best Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits

Nonprofits marketing tactics vary from those used by for-profit enterprises. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack originated as customer relationship management software and development in the not-for-profit sector led to this software becoming one of the leading constituent relationship management solutions for organizations. Nonprofit constituents typically support a cause or mission, and marketing campaigns should center around the goals of an organization. In addition to using the best nonprofit software, organizations can get more out of every system through integration. Here are some ways data drives the best marketing tactics in the nonprofit sector. 

What Is a CRM & How Does It Help?

A CRM is software used to manage constituent relationships. Some software, such as Raiser’s Edge, combines a database of constituent information and tools for communication with donation processing capabilities. These systems can be used for conventional nonprofit promotions through channels such as direct mail and phone calls as well as emails.

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Certain CRMs are better suited for tracking next-generation online engagement. Salesforce stands out for its engagement tracking tools and capacity to integrate with external applications. In addition to solutions available through the Salesforce AppExchange, integration software designed for nonprofits is useful for marketing. A Classy Salesforce integration can provide donation data for direct segmented or campaign-specific marketing.

How To Integrate Data Into Salesforce

One of the best marketing tactics for nonprofits involves getting more out of a CRM through integration. Raiser’s Edge is a closed system compared to NPSP, but integration software is helpful when working with either or both platforms. Integration software allows for imports, exports and can even improve the consistency and quality of data.

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It is worthwhile for an organizations that use Salesforce NPSP to integrate contact and other donor data. In order to do so, it is often necessary to standardize this information and set up imports with integration software such as Omatic Cloud. Omatic is designed for nonprofits and keeps the unique marketing needs of these organizations at the forefront.

How To Segment Contacts for Marketing

Nonprofit staff should know how to run queries and segment records in Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge or any other CRM. Segmentation is useful for targeted marketing, but its functionality depends upon the consistency and organization of constituent records. Staff or stakeholders can enter specifications that records must match and use lists of particular constituents to market more effectively.

The best integration software has dedicated utilities for segmentation and direct marketing. SegmentOmatic in Omatic Cloud provides these useful functions over and above the built-in segmentation capabilities included in most CRMs. It is important to make sure that records account for the most important data for use in segmentation.

These are essential and effective marketing tactics for nonprofits. An organization should use the best nonprofit software in order to make it easier to pursue data-driven marketing. Regardless of the CRM licensed by an organization, integration software for nonprofits allows for imports and exports between systems. The availability of more data and data that is current allows for more effective constituent outreach and can make it easier to meet fundraising goals.