Ge the benefits with prime features for slashed prices with Story bicycles

The hustling lifestyle never stops; in fact it needs more rigorous modes of transport to help to be on the right pace. How do you feel about the modes of transport which look luxurious yet they are causing lot of harm to the health and also to the environment? For example if you are a person who travels only by cars it might look luxurious however the dangerous smoke that it emits releases so much of pollutants in the air it causes pollution leading to global warming and various health hazards for everybody around, another impact it is making is to the body as you sit for longer duration without any movement leading to laziness and lack of mobility.

Story bicycles is an answer to all these growing problems as it brings a variety of Electric bikes that deal with all the health implications also are very much environment friendly. These Electric bikes are fashionable, colourful, fast and energy-efficient.They keep up with the pace in the traffic. Commuting to and from the office and going to markets or just to mountainous regions with hilly and rocky terrain has become smooth with Electric bikes. Get beste-bikes withamazing LCD displays at cheaper price with Story bicycles coupon code.

Vivid designs

To bring an appealing look to the Electronic bikes story bicycles have designed beautiful classic looking bikes which have modern designs but are integrated with electric parts. It makes you feel very comfortable however it goes with lightning fast speed.

The features

Story bicycles bring unmatched products with exceptionally sourced parts that offer high performance with supreme quality. They are an exceptional value addition and provide utmost safety to the users

Batteries; it has 36v 7 AH Samsung Lithium Ion Battery.  They come from a trustworthy manufacturer and give you optimum results with best battery source. It doesn’t wear out soon and it takes only 3 hours to be completely charged.

The motor; 350 watt Rear Hub Motor -traditional bikes have heavy motors that impact manoeuvrability of the bikes therefore they have come up with the solution of sturdy yet lightweight and efficient motors which help to perform in the best manner possible.Add the ultra –lightweight e-bike now use the Story bicycles coupon code to have lighterprice.

Torque Sensing Crank; increasing speed has never been so easy. Only applying little bit of pressure on the crank will immediately power up the motor and give highest speed. You don’t have to pedal all the way. It depends on where you are travelling, you can easily increase or decrease the speed and the Automatic turn off system ensures battery saving.

Get 5 levels of pedal assitand easy maintenance and repairsin e-bikes get discounted rates against Story bicycles discount code.

Never before 45mile range and 20mph in e-bikesatbest priceslike:

Story Electric Step Through Bike $1,850.00
Story Electric Road Bike $1,895.00
Story Electric Commuter Bike $1,850.00

Ge the benefits with prime features for slashed prices with Story bicycles promo code.