Snapchat Adds Language-Learning Lenses for Marathi, Punjabi, More Indian Dialects Word 

Snapchat has newly added ‘Learn Language’ lenses for certain Indian languages so that it becomes easier to learn them. These lenses use the latest technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and machine learning (ML) to recognize and translate over 1,000 things in real-time. In 2020, Snapchat unveiled language-learning lenses in Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi, and it has now expanded to include Bengali, Punjabi, and Telugu in 2021. 

It is a great initiative to take Indian languages to an international level. Ateet Kharel, a member of the Snap Lens network, designed this latest Indian language-based Snapchat Lens. Users can also find Lens by searching for terms like “learn Hindi,” “learn Bengali,” on Snapchat. You can also look for certain terms on the designer’s page itself. 

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The designer, Ateet Kharel said that he has always been captivated by India’s cultural variety and the breadth of languages spoken. According to him the main goal of these lenses was to make studying Indian languages enjoyable and simple, especially for newbies. AR aka Augmented reality can be a lot of fun and enjoyable for every generation. It makes learning more participatory and accessible. 

As we have already mentioned, the new Snapchat Lens is smart enough in recognizing over 1,000 things and translating their names into the language which is being learned in real-time. Augmented Reality and Machine Learning are used by lenses to recognize objects. When a user is scanning an object with the lens, a translation and a phonetic transcription get displayed to assist users in pronouncing the words. 

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Last month, Snapchat launched nine new Bitmojis, allowing users to express themselves on Saturday’s World Environment Day. This Bitmojis could also be used to promote recycling, gardening, and energy and water conservation. This major step can assist raise awareness about environmental protection while staying indoors till the coronavirus pandemic is over.

This is a great step to increase awareness using social media. By including Indian languages in Snapchat, people from all over the world would be able to learn the languages in the most engaging way. Believe it or not, but this step has increased the importance of regional languages. 

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We should learn to give equal importance to the regional languages and use them in our daily conversations even when we are chatting online. Write notes in your languages, send stickers and gifs, send jokes in your regional language and do anything interesting of your choice.

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Other than Snapchat, you need to download Marathi Typing Keyboard on your devices to learn the Marathi Language in a better way and bring the language into everyday use. It is the only possible way through which it becomes easier for you to be very fluent in Marathi. The keyboard has various features for your smooth experience with this app. 

Here are some of the features for you to fall in love with Marathi Keyboard online- 

Voice typing: It gets so exciting when our very own keyboard recognizes our speeches and types in the exact same way to avoid unneeded mistakes. The voice typing functions were designed to help us save time when typing. When you have to type long messages, it’s a good feature to use. You learn to speak in Marathi using this feature when no one is around you to talk. 

Google translator– When chatting with people from different locations or even when a person of a different religion or having a conversation with someone from Maharashtra, the Google translation option comes in handy. The keyboard has broken the barrier to communication of language. It can simply translate any text into the language of your choice. You do not need to visit Google Chrome again and again to use this feature. 

Using emoji, stickers, and GIFs: Sending stickers, emojis, and gifs to people is the most exciting way of engaging with them and having fun. It is important to express our feelings while conversing with others. This improves talks as well as your relationship with the other person, which helps to link people both inside and externally.

These are some of the major features that enhance your life while you’re in the process of learning new languages using different modes. Snapchat as well as Marathi Typing Keyboard is playing a crucial role in increasing the awareness of giving importance to learning languages from India of different regions. 

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