Pick a lehenga according to your complexion for the special day! 

With its mesmerizing, lehengas are designed with patterns in a burst of colors, Lehenga is a perennial crowd pleasure.  It is important to choose the right color of the lehenga suiting the right occasion. 

Colors that bring out the warmth in a bride’s complexion should be chosen by brides with a wheatish skin tone. Women with this skin type should wear warm, earthy colours. The lehenga dress of lovely Genelia Deshmukh is the perfect example of a wheatish-skinned bride. 

How to choose lehenga according to the skin tone? 

For her wedding day, she wore a lovely red and gold bridal saree with a nath and ‘mundavalya,’ which was excellent for her wheatish complexion and made her appear every inch the Marathi mulgi.

Over the years, you have probably heard a number of people tell you that pink looks good on you, or that red is your color, or that you look great in light blue. If you are a girl, though, you are aware that there are dozens of shades of ‘light pink,’ much more in ‘red,’ and blue is also extremely varied. 

So, they say that choosing the appropriate shade of lehenga for your skin tone is half the fight won when it comes to your wedding look. But how can you know which shade of pink, or even ‘light pink,’ is the most flattering for you?

Know how to choose the best colours of your lehenga 

For their bridal lehenga, brides with this skin tone might choose from the hues below. In lighter tones: if you are a beautiful lady who enjoys wearing light colours, these are the shades for you. Light pink, emerald green, cream, off white with silver embroidery, royal blue, and beige are just a few of the colours available.

Here is a basic rule of thumb to follow: Instead of going for a bright color, go for something richer and more jewel-toned! If you want anything other than pastel, aim for darker tones like emerald green and deep blue rather than lighter ones like emerald green and deep blue.

Cool, pale skin tone: Cooler colours complement this complexion. These skin tones look best in pastels and softer colours. The next stage is to determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Choosing the right colours for your skin tone. 

Chose bright colors: Colors with a slight neon tint, such as tomato red or orange, should be avoided. Keep in mind that some pastel colours, such as beige, may completely wash you out, so keep that in mind as well. 

Warm, medium skin tone: Reds, royal blue or green, orange, and even yellow look great on this skin tone. Fire colours such as orange, yellow, hot pinks, fuchsia, and anything else that instantly brightens the face are ideal for this skin tone.

Olive skin tone: This is the skin tone of many Indian girls, and many dusky or wheatish brides would fall into this category, which can look stunning when paired with the right hue! Burnt orange, warm pinks, and deeper corals are all lovely colours for this skin tone.

Anything too bright may or may not work depending on your complexion—you must ensure that it does not make you appear too dull—the outfit should complement your skin tone. So stay away from cool-toned reds, oranges, and pinks, as well as neon colours that are extremely bright!

Follow the guideline of the experts before buying the dress 

To be honest, this is just a general guideline, and if you really love something that does not flatter you, there are ways to get around it- you just have to be smarter! What if you are a cool-toned bride who adored a beige lehenga, or an olive-skinned bride who adored a neon shade of orange or pink? 

A hack would be to change the blouse to a lighter or contrasting color that flatters you, or to change the inner lining of the dupatta that goes over the head to give the face a glow. You could also add another dupatta in a complementary color to your skin tone to the mix! 

Cool-toned bride 

If you contrast it with the lehenga, jewellery can add a pop of color that suits you, and makeup can also play a role. A cool-toned bride could use a pop of color on her lips to make a beige lehenga stand out, or a dusky bride could go for a pretty nude makeup look with smoky eyes to complement a bright lehenga! 

Buy lehenga dresses for the Shaadi season

What is the general rule of thumb? Apply the guide to the items closest to your face, and experiment with colours on the rest of your outfit. Shaadi season is quickly approaching, and let’s be honest: even if you are the bride’s sister’s chachi’s bhanji’s daughter, you still want to look better than the bride herself. It is fine; we are all guilty of it. 

Assess your complexion before purchasing bridal lehenga 

But if you are a bride-to-be and still don’t know what to wear to your wedding, young lady, you’ve come to the right place. Your ideal Indian wedding attire should be based on your Indian skin tone, whether it is fair, medium, or dark. Assess your complexion before purchasing your bridal lehenga, and then select your bridal attire.

Understanding your colours

Your colours are Spring if you are fair with a warm undertone. Summer is someone who is fair with a cool undertone. You are Spring if you are Wheatish with a warm undertone, and Autumn if you have a cool undertone. 

If you have a dusky complexion with a warm undertone, you are Autumn; otherwise, you are Winter. Isn’t it perplexing? Don’t worry, your confusion will be resolved in a matter of seconds.


If you want to buy lehenga online from online stores. Snapdeal will help you with bright colours. Understanding your colours in relation to the seasons. While choosing the right lehenga color for your skin tone is important, the seasons also play a role. This step may appear to be a little difficult to follow, but if you followed the first two steps correctly, you should be fine.  


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