Passing Through London? 4 Ways to Spend a Weekend There

Very few cities in the world hold the same kind of wonder and curiosity as London England. Among the most famous and largest cities in the world, this ancient metropolis has withstood the test of time and continues to be a marker of human society and ingenuity. Despite its ancient roots, London is still a place that is constantly on the cutting edge of human advancements in technology, art, culture, and society. 

For many people, London is a huge bucket list item that they can’t wait to fully explore one day. For those who travel a lot, chances are they will encounter a flight path that may take them through London and give them a one-off chance to get out and explore the city. In fact, if you are traveling internationally or through England, it may be easier than you think to schedule a little time in London on your trip just so you can catch a taste of this incredible city. 

If you are wondering how you could spend a quick weekend in London, and are looking for some tips, here is everything you need to know! 

1. First, Make Sure You Prioritize Your Sight Seeing

Here’s the deal, when it comes to seeing a city like London, a quick weekend trip is not going to be the most efficient way to go about it. This is a city that has a lot to offer and is a great destination for longer trips. So, part of doing a weekend trip to London well is making sure that you prioritize your sightseeing so you can make much of your trip. 

This also frees you up to have structured downtime or wondering time when you don’t necessarily have a lot on your agenda. Because you most likely won’t have time to see everything London has to offer and really take it in – focus on your highlights. Pick two or three things you really want to take your time with and enjoy thoroughly. Once this is done, spend the rest of your time allowing the adventure to come your way, walking the streets, eating the food, and enjoying the energy of the city! 

2. Use Flexible Luggage Storage Stations

One hack you will want to know about on a quick trip to London is the London luggage storage options available. These storage options are located all over the city and allow you to freely explore without being weighed down. 

All you have to do is download the app that connects you to the storage options, schedule your drop off and pick up – and then you are free to explore without care. This can be a huge advantage for the quick traveler who may be taking advantage of a long layover but wants to move around with peace of mind that their luggage is safe. This can also be used for items like shopping bags, backpacks – or any personal item you want to stash so you can get out on your legs easier. 

3. Book Stays in Different Parts of the City

With the advantage of flexible London luggage storage all over the city, you can actually make much of your stay in London by booking the nights of your weekend in different parts of the city. Especially if you are traveling light, you can just store your luggage at a storage location, and pick it up when you want. By booking in different areas of the city, can get different experiences and make much of a short trip. This can be a unique and fun way to stretch yourself and get the most out of your stay if you only have a couple of nights in London. 

4. Map Out Your Morning Jogs

This one is definitely only going to appeal to the runners in the room, but if you enjoy running as a hobby then you most likely love to use this hobby when you travel. If you are staying only a few short days in London, then map out your morning runs as part of your experience. Make sure and choose a new path every morning, and set your mileage goals to expose you to parts of the city you are curious about. If something really catches your eye, go back and explore it later at a slower pace! 


Overall, London is a beautiful, huge, and incredibly exciting city to explore and enjoy – especially for the first time. While this city can most definitely become a favorite recurring destination, spending an unforgettable weekend in London is easy to do. No matter how you choose to spend a quick visit if you have the chance to do so in London – you absolutely should take it!