Must-See YouTube Videos About Malayalam Keyboard 


Do you love watching YouTube videos? Well, everyone does. YouTube videos are entertaining. But we’re going to talk about something remarkably interesting in this article that is so hard to follow anywhere else. 

Stay until the end of this article and you’ll learn so many things. To all the Malayali’s, if you have The Malayalam Typing keyboard with you then you’re going to enjoy this article a lot. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now! 

There are various good and important videos related to Malayalam Keyboard. Those videos include hacks and tricks to make it easier for you to type. We all know how tough the language is when it comes to typing. 

Watch the videos we list down below and the language will become as easier to type as it is when we speak fluently. 

Here’s to the must-watch videos on YouTube about 

  • Malayalam Typing Tutorial By Susheel Kumar- The video contains a tutorial on how to utilize this keyboard to type in the Malayalam language easily and without any extra errors. This is a tutorial for all the newbies who are not well-equipped with the advanced Malayalam upgrades related to the keyboard. 

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  • Keyboard Typing Tips and Tricks by Magic Solution MITS: this video is very helpful for all the professionals who are from Kerala. If you are looking for various ways to improve your keyboard typing then these tips and tricks included in this video will help you a lot. 

The tricks that are mentioned in this video are easy as well as reliable to make your typing experience fun. 

  • Malayalam Keyboard for Android by Govind JK- This must-watch YouTube video about the Malayalam keyboard for Android is really fun and interesting. People also have found this video useful. The video is for Android users which tells you about Malayalam keyboards especially for Android users in Kerala to make your life convenient. 
  • Malayalam Voice Typing by Jayaraj G Nath- The video tells you some important ideas about the voice typing features included in Manglish Keyboard. The voice typing feature is really helpful nowadays because it lets you type fast and with accurate results. People from Kerala if you want to, take a tutorial on this voice typing feature, that you should go for it. 

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Which video did you enjoy watching the most? If you are from Kerala or want to look for keyboards, hearts, and shortcuts to improve your typing speed then you should go and watch these brilliant videos. 

Now that we have discussed some of the must-watch videos for Kerala folks, it’s time to discuss a nice and wonderful Manglish keyboard with amazing features and creative functions. 

Here’s what you will love in the Manglish Typing Keyboard- 

  • Emoji Predictions- with the use of artificial intelligence, prediction features are becoming more and more reliable and easy. As soon as you type a sentence, the Manglish keyboard will recognize the language and the tone of your words. Using this recognition will predict a suitable emoji for you so that you can express it well. 
  • Creating avatars and cartoon heads- not many keyboards provide these unique and creative features. We have this feature for our Kerala folks. The avatars and cartoons are now being used to increase brand awareness and promote new products. So, you can utilize this feature in both ways through your informal communication as well as on a professional basis too. 
  • Google translator- the Google translation feature is also built in the Malayalam typing keyboard. This feature comes into use when you are having a conversation with someone who is not fluent in the Malayalam language or belongs to any other region. Simply type your text in Malayalam and translate them into the language the other person is comfortable in. The flow of communication with anyone wouldn’t get disturbed when you have a Google translator with you.
  • Sending memes, quotes, jokes, etc- People love watching Malayalam movies and so do us. You can send the quotes related to your favorite Malayalam movies and in this way Malayalam keyboard can be a part of your daily life. The app also lets you make trendy memes too. Be a part of trends with the keyboard like none other. 

Now that we are at the end of this blog, you must be filled with lots of knowledge. Without bidding final “vita” (goodbye) letters remind you that the Malayalam keyboard is fun and amazing. When you have your original language in practice, you feel proud of your religion, region, and country. 

You also get to know the importance of your culture. Thus, when you indulge the Manglish Keyboard in your everyday life, your mood brightens up and life becomes much better and productive. Have a “rasakaramān” life and stay healthy, our dear ones!