Morning or Evening: When Is the Best Time to Cycle?

Cycling is the easiest and most convenient way to feel refreshed and maintain your body’s physical and mental strength. From helping reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes to supporting weight loss and building strong muscles, the benefits of cycling are countless. Regardless of whether you are cycling on your way to work or seeking an adventure activity, you are bound to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a nice cycling session.

This comes as a perk, especially when you invest in the right cycle and accessories. With the emergence of new-age cycles showcasing an array of mind-blowing features, the experience only gets better with time. Innovative bikes like Ninety One Cycles come with a wide range of features that fit different people with different requirements. You can explore their different bicycle categories like men’s bicycles, women’s bicycles, kids’ bicycles and more.  Well figuring that out is easy, finding the answer to the million-dollar question, “When is the best time to cycle?” seems like a daunting task.

Without a doubt, morning time is often considered the best time for any workout session; however, some people also believe that you must indulge in physical activity whenever it fits your schedule, which only adds to the confusion. Let’s break the deal today; let’s discover the best time to cycle for gaining optimum health benefits.

Let’s begin by understanding that the best time to cycle is quite closely dependent on the goal of your ride. Are you looking to lose weight or seeking better performance? Are you looking for a short, relaxing ride or excited about an intense training session? Once you find your answer to such questions, picking the best time to cycle will be a breeze. Let’s look at the different outcomes of cycling at different times.


Cycling is undoubtedly the best way to kickstart your day. With the freedom to ride on empty roads while enjoying the soothing sounds of the birds chirping and a fresh breath of air, morning rides couldn’t get any better. It is believed that cycling before breakfast burns about 20% more body fat and also helps reduce hunger levels throughout the day. However, you must remember that if you are a diabetic or sensitive to low blood sugar levels, you must make sure to eat something before your cycling session. If you are cycling for weight loss, then mornings should definitely be your preferred time to cycle. This refreshing session will help you boost metabolism, energy, and immunity while improving your mood, increasing serotonin and dopamine levels, and helping you burn more calories.

Afternoon/Early Evening

If you are looking forward to an intense training session, cycling in the afternoon or early evening would be the best decision you can make. Your muscle strength and energy levels are at their peak during these hours, so boosting your performance would be a breeze here. With your blood glucose levels and core body temperature on the slightly higher side during the afternoon and early evening, your cycling performance and speed are bound to improve.

We suggest, while there is no right or wrong, it is best to pick a time that best suits your body and routine. Regardless of what time you pick based on your schedule and fitness goals, you must ensure that you go cycling at least once a day, just for the dose of refreshment with a hint of some physical activity.