The success of any website or blog is dependent upon the number of visitors it receives, and it is the same for your WordPress blog. Considering the popularity of WordPress you would first want to convert website to WordPress and then devise ways to generate maximum traffic. However, generating traffic to your magazine blog is not all that easy and you have to be very careful in implementing the right strategies.This article explains five ways in which to generate traffic for your WordPress magazine blog.

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Create Good Content


High quality content is the primary requisite for generating traffic. A catchy and interesting headline with a riveting content is what is needed. Most people use it as a strategy to have an interesting headline that reveals just enough to generate readers’ interest so that they are tempted to read on. If you are not able to come up with an interesting headline, you can get help from “title generator”. The main article should have all the juicy bit of information so that the readers keep on reading. This way you can ensure that the content is worth clicking and sharing.It’s obvious that you would post most articles on the trending topics, but do not forget to post articles on topics that are eternally liked as well because your audience are always interested in them.

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Long Tailed Keywords

With almost over decades of blogging in magazines, short keywords which have one or two words have become quite common and competitive.Also, searchers prefer longer keywords these days. These are called long- tail keywords and contain at least three words. Whatever keyword research tool you use, make sure that you look for longer keywords that are non-competitive and have a history of more than 500 searches. Make a list of such keywords and create your blog posts around them, one for each keyword. When creating content around a keyword, make sure it relates to the searchers’ intent. Also, use of synonyms and LSI keywords would make your content more user-friendly.

If you factor in all the above points into your content, you will end up writing longer articles which is good for you. Researches have shown that longer content, over 2000 words are more SEO friendly and those above 3000 words receive more traffic and are shared the most.

Valuable Evergreen Topics

While magazine blogs tend to create posts around trending topics, this strategy is not always good. It may create a lot of activity in the short run, the buzz seem to die down as quickly as it had grown. To overcome this, most magazine blogs create more and more fresh content which only leads to mental exhaustion and the need for more writers. So, the better strategy is to focus on popular topics that never go out of fashion. Use the title generators and long tail keyword search to find out such topics to create posts. Create valuable contents that readers would be interested in and would want share. Cover every point in detail and never be afraid of your posts getting too long as longer posts are more SEO friendly.


Guest Blogging

After SEO and advertising, guest blogging is the best way to generate traffic. However, every blogger from your niche would be trying to do the same, getting their articles published in the same distinguished blog. So, you need to do better than what everyone else is doing.

Make list of top blogs in your niche and prioritize them according to the influence they have in terms of traffic and social media following. But before you do that make sure that you have made your own reputation outside guest blogging.

Forge relationships with other members of the blogs on your list. Make and share comments and insert links in your own posts. Learn about their audience preferences so that you’ll have something good to share with them. Offer them some freebies to entice them to visit your website.

Build Recurring Audience

Relying solely on outside traffic is exhausting, so try to build recurring traffic that follows everything you publish. It can be done through email opt-in forms on your posts through various options. Offer compelling lead magnets to increase the chances of getting more subscribers. Placing social share buttons and MH Magazine theme that provide links to your social media pages will help you increase social media following.

As you grow your email list and social media following, you’ll have an active audience ready to consume everyarticle you publish.

The points mentioned above will help generate traffic once you convert website to WordPress .You would need web design services for the conversion or you could do it on your own if you are tech savvy.