Methods to Gain More Knowledge

It is said in our ancient epics also and it is a very old saying also that if a student wants to become brilliant then he or she should never stop seeking for knowledge because knowledge is the biggest weapon and power on the earth. We all might have seen people running after power and money as these two are very powerful things on earth but what we all don’t understand is that greatest power is knowledge because the one who is rich in knowledge can control everything. Those students who know the importance of knowledge never quit attaining knowledge. They keep on searching for new contents and information which can help them in their academic performance. Knowledge is such a powerful tool that it can change the whole world. It is knowledge and its changing course which is making students extraordinary day by day. Today students are attaining knowledge through different mediums among which online learning is very popular. Various tools like LMS and ERP are also supporting online education and attainment of knowledge of students. With the help of such innovative tools’ students are attaining so much knowledge and that too in so many different fields that they are focusing more on self-study without being bothered and being dependent on others like tutors or educational institutions. So, let’s discuss how students can gain knowledge through different sources and enhance their knowledge level.

Students need to have some inspiration for enhancing the knowledge and for this he or she needs to be curious enough all the time. Curiosity is the mother of inventions- this proverb never becomes old because being curious so students need to run after anything new, they see which is interesting and is useful. Students need to have questions based on curiosity like what, why, when and how? All these questions result in a complete explanation about anything, its existence and reason behind its happening. Now curiosity brings another method to gain knowledge and that is reading. The one who reads regularly enhances his/her knowledge automatically. Time to time reading brings several benefits along with enhancement of knowledge and those are increased vocabulary, increment in empathy, gaining self-confidence, reduces stress and depression, one gets new ideas and concepts and enhances imagination power. Even tools like LMS and ERP of online education also help students to do the same- enhancement of knowledge. Being curious there is one more thing which students do and they must do and that is research work. Students need to be good at performing research work, finding information and facts from different and reliable resources so that they can make some new findings and be knowledgeable about a particular subject or topic. 

The best way to communicate with learned people and scholars and gain knowledge from them is to listen to them actively. The one who listens to others attentively gains a lot of knowledge from various sources. Listening gives a chance to evaluate the knowledge from different sources and choose the best one so as to have the best treasure of knowledge. For example, the student who is habitual of listening to motivational speakers, listens to different people and chooses the best knowledge out of them and enhances his/her knowledge level. Just like this student should do journal writing of knowledgeable things. Making notes is such a habit where students always pen down something very knowledgeable for future reference. The best method of attaining knowledge of any subject or topic is to teach someone because for teaching anyone about anything one prepares very deeply itself and by teaching something regularly and again and again one gains the expertise in a particular subject so much that he or she can dictate the subject orally. Students should practice the particular subject as much as they can at home by themselves, with peers in group study or with parents and tutors. This practice session should have a fixed time and session and this regularity should never be broken in order to be consistent. 

Students need to be thirsty for knowledge and they should have strong will power to attain knowledge because students start with enthusiasm but just after one hour of reading, they get bored. Instead of this their will power should be constant in matters of gaining knowledge.