Magicycle Cruiser VS Juiced Rip Current S

Investing in an electric bike is always a good idea, and riding an electric bike is not only great but more eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run! There are two market leaders in the electric biking world – a company called Magicylebike and a company called Juiced Bikes. These two have a lot of ebikes and accessories in their product range. However, if you’re new in the world of electric biking, it could be very difficult to pick a bike for yourself. To help you out, we are going to compare one of the products from both companies and see what they are all about! 

In reality, Magicylebike and Juiced Bikes are similar companies, offering similar products. They both specialize in manufacturing affordable but high-quality products. 

Nowadays, the Magicyle company offers ebikes with high-end quality. It even has its own factory to suit everyone’s needs.However, we should take our time to compare the products and see what bikes are better! 

Here, we picked out the Magicycle Cruiser from Maigcyclebike and Juiced Rip Current S from Juiced. We think that a comparison table shows the facts the best, so we are going to put all the specs in it! Let’s check it out:


Colored Display

Magicycle Cruiser 28MPH Yes Yes Brushless Geared Hub Motor 7 Levels 7 Gears $1649
Juiced Rip Current S 28MPH


No No 750W Geared Hub Motor 7 Levels 9 Gears $2499


Both Magicycle Cruiser and Juiced Rip Current S are fat tire ebikes. They are all the rage for going on off-road adventures, offer a more comfortable ride, and are suitable for all kinds of terrain. For adventure types, the only bike that will suffice is a fat tire electric bike!

As we can see in the table, the Magicycle Cruiser comes in with an outstanding colored LCD display, which offers a sense of technology and a fun ride. When we are talking about the charger, this is how Magicycle Cruiser makes a difference from Juiced Rip Current S.With the fast-charging charger, it only takes one 3-5 hours to fully charge a Magicycle Cruiser. Two ebikes both have the 750W geared hub motor, but the Magicycle Cruiser one is brushless, which is energy-efficient without power loss 

and friction.  The Magicycle Cruiser has a top speed of 28 mph, an industry average, so does Juiced Rip Current S. Even though Magicycle Cruiser has more unique features, it is $850 less than Juiced Rip Current S, unbelievable, right? It is the truth! 

To conclude, we can say that both Magicyclebike and Juiced Bikes offer fantastic bikes. The general feeling is that Magicycle makes more powerful bikes with better specs. On the other hand, Magicycle Cruiser’s price is a lot more acceptable for customers.

So, if you are looking for the best value for money, you will find that Magicycle Cruiser suits your needs perfectly. 

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