Luxury Lampshades Designs for Your Table & Floor Lamps

No matter what the world goes with a simplistic and minimalistic approach, luxury will never fade. And something to remind us that sets apart the luxe life is the illuminati, the illuminati of subtlety and elegance i.e. lamp shades

Luxury is in the details but it’s highly complimented when it comes with some drama. Since ages, lampshades have been a part and parcel of every household. If you are setting up the space yourself or have the best of interior designers, a space is incomplete without a designer lampshade. 

What are designer lampshades?

Designer lampshades are a pretty potter version of custom made products. It is no surprise that many oligarchs have a collection of lamp shade designs carved with beautiful patterns, textures and tones. The best quality of a lamp is it adapts to any header or a cap. 

The fabric lamp shades are one of the most sought after as they were adorned by queens besides their bed sides. The lamp shades for bedsides at that time were a provision for quiet and seamless lighting. For most, today, lamp shade for the living room acts as a party charmer to the interiors.

Types of Lampshades:

Having a rendezvous with your exotic ambience can be witnessed only with the perfect lampshade. The glory of these soft lights are enchanting.  Enveloped in unique shapes of round, square, bell, drum, dome and empire, there’s something for each one. Although it needs its own space and delight, certainly those small crystal hangings on the head of the floor lamp is just enough to draw your attention. When you choose a floor lamp for the living room, it must be designer and attractive to light up your space.

The table lamps while on the other side are accommodating but yet command their stature amidst all the bulky home accessories. Don’t forget, it only appears petite but it is quite effervescent. The lamp shades for table lamps are also distinctive from that of a lamp shade for a floor lamp.

Where and How to possess a lamp shade?

You can get tons of lamp shades online with a wide array of options. But certainly, the more choices, the more confusion there is. If you wish to get the best one whether offline or online, drop into the Freedom tree home store or just click on and explore the mightiest options here. 

They have a curated collection of signature lamp shade from modern to contemporary look. Garnered with eclectic pieces, stemmed in wood, they are certainly alluring.