Knee replacement surgery: Broken down into simpler language for you

A study from 2017 had revealed that about 303 million people were suffering from osteoarthritis back then, imagine the alarming number to which this figure would have risen in the past 6 years. Knees are the most affected because of it, as a result patients are often recommended to undergo a knee replacement surgery. Now, it is both a complex and an expensive medical procedure, however the cost of knee replacement surgery in India varies largely from what is charged in any other country. 

Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis in which the joints are affected, it causes degeneration and breakdown of the cartilage that connects two joints, as a result bones rub against each other causing pain, stiffness and a hindered mobility in the affected region. 

What happens in a knee replacement surgery?

In a knee replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the affected portion of the damaged or diseased knee with an artificial knee cap made up of components such as metals, plastic, ceramic or other components. These are prosthetic implants that are targeted to replace an out of order knee joint and imitate it, thereby facilitating unhindered mobility and allowing individuals to perform their personal day to day activities with ease and comfort. 

Now, there is something that needs to be looked after properly, the implants can last for as long as 25 years or even more in favourable conditions. But, if not managed properly it can cause damage to the prosthetics thereby requiring the patient to undergo a revised surgery. However, this can be averted by simply being cautious while making movements to not put extra loads on the implants altogether.

What’s more to knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a delicate medical procedure that requires absolute expertise and precision. Before initiating the surgery pre-operative tests are done to see for any former medical conditions that would hinder with the surgery and a proper post-operative care needs to be ensured as well so as to make sure that the patients facilitate a speedy recovery and rehabilitation. 

Once the patient is operated upon, they are to stay in the hospital itself for about two weeks because that is the least of the time the implants take to show mobility. In the meantime, the patients are also given post-operative care for as long as they are within the hospital after that they are to keep exercising and receive physical therapy and other post operative care to ensure a speedy recovery.

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