Job Roles in Data Science & Computer Science

Data is being generated at an unprecedented rate due to the rising usage of the internet throughout the world. We are consuming and creating more data than ever before as a result of the epidemic. As a result, the demand for additional employees in the data science business has increased significantly. 

The same holds goods for the computer science industry as well. If you’re wondering what is computer science course, then let’s define it. Computer science course refers to the study of computers and their practical application. There are multiple job options for students who are willing to pursue their career in computer science and data science course in India.

Job Roles in Data Science

Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for a wide range of duties, including data visualization and processing. They must also run queries against databases from time to time. Optimization is one of a data analyst’s most significant talents.

Data Engineers

Data engineers create and test scalable Big Data ecosystems for organizations so that data scientists may run their algorithms on robust and well-optimized data platforms.

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Database Administrator

A database administrator’s job description is fairly self-explanatory. This person is responsible for the correct operation of all of an enterprise’s databases. Additionally, he/she should provide services to corporate personnel based on their needs. They’re also in charge of database backups and restores.

Machine Learning Engineer

Engineers that specialize in machine learning are in high demand right now. Aspirants need to understand some of the most powerful technologies, such as SQL and REST APIs, etc.

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Data Scientist

Data scientists must comprehend business difficulties and provide the finest solutions through data analysis and processing. For example, they are expected to undertake predictive analysis and go over “unstructured/disorganized” data with a fine-toothed comb to provide actionable insights.

Job Roles in Computer Science  

Full Stack Web Developer

A full-stack web developer is skilled in both front-end and back-end programming. A full-stack developer can design, manage, and construct software using their understanding of building applications from start to end.

Mobile Application Developer

Between now and 2024, the demand for qualified mobile app developers will climb 19 percent as smartphone technology advances. You’ll write application software for various operating platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android, in this position. 

Software Engineer

A software engineer creates code that enables computer programs to run smoothly and correctly execute functions. Working collaboratively with cross-functional partners, you will be responsible for testing and troubleshooting apps in this capacity.

Systems Architect

Someone who creates and manages computer systems and networks is known as a systems architect. You’ll envision, plan, and create technological solutions that fit your company’s IT architecture demands in this capacity. Systems Architecture must have a thorough understanding of software engineering approaches since they work closely with developers.

Machine Learning Engineer

A job as a Machine Learning (ML) engineer is in high demand right now. Every year, the number of potential ML positions grows, and engineers with a robust Machine Learning skill set are in great demand across a wide range of businesses.


As you can see, these jobs need a variety of talents, tools, and languages; but, they also have some of the same characteristics. A Data Scientist’s significant notion is to use Machine Learning techniques to address business issues. In contrast, a Computer Scientist’s main topic is either object-oriented programming and Software Engineering or more towards IT, needing a general working understanding of everything about computers. Hence, choose the job role that suits you the best.