Industrial RO Plant: Check Out The Important Types

You must be knowing that, nowadays, the demand for fresh and purified water has increased extensively. Be it for cooking, drinking, or cleaning and also for production purposes. Yes, purified and clean water is highly essential in homes and industries for the production of good-quality food products. Therefore, many industrialists prefer to install a 2000 LPH RO plant so that the quality of food products are not compromised in any way.

So today, we are going to discuss some of the significant aspects of the RO plant. At the same time, we will also know about the different types of RO plants that are mostly used in industries. So let us now check out some of those aspects right here.

What Is The Significance Behind Installing RO Plants In Industries?

If you wonder what the purpose behind the installation of RO plants in industries is, we will let you know all about it right here. An industrial reverse osmosis plant is a water treatment plant that is highly useful to eliminate hazardous chemicals and impurities from the water through the reverse osmosis technique.

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At the same time, the reverse osmosis process purifies or desalinates contaminated water and provides you with the purest form of water, which you can safely use for various industrial works.

However, do you know how the water is purified through this process? Well, it is the reversal of the natural phenomenon of osmosis. So you can guess as to what mechanism is involved in these RO plants. Even if it is a 500 LPH RO plant, the procedure is the same. 

In the reverse osmosis process, the external pressure is applied to the water with a higher concentration of dissolved ions. It forces the water through the semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction. Therefore, finally, you will be able to obtain the purest form of water. It is this water that is used in industries for food production and other purposes.

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial RO Plants?

With the increase in the pollution levels in the water, an advanced purification system is highly necessary at every place. Therefore, just like we need pure and clean water in our houses, we need it in industries to maintain the quality of food production.

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So let us now discuss some of the types of RO plants that we commonly see in industries. As you know, industrial RO plants are of two types:

  • Fully automatic industrial RO plant: As the name suggests, the entire process is automatic here. Also, it produces water at a higher rate than the semi-automatic ones
  • Semi-automatic industrial RO plant: This particular type requires manual washing. However, the rest of the processes runs automatically

The industries can choose any of the following types of RO plants depending on their requirement.

100 LPH RO Plant

100 LPH RO plants are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and offices. 100 liters of water per hour is the capacity of these models. At the same time, it is also energy-efficient, consumes less power, and requires the least maintenance.

150 LPH RO Plant

This industrial RO plant can cater to the need for 200 to 300 employees or students every day. Also, it has four membrane tap water elements of 300 GDP. At the same time, this RO has a long life span in comparison to the domestic RO purifiers.

200 LPH RO Plant

If you are looking for a RO plant for small to medium-sized hotels, restaurants, corporate sectors, schools, you can opt for this RO plant. As per the reports, the cost of the plant starts from Rs. 75,000.

Also, this model is corrosion-free and is environment-friendly. Its water per hour capacity is 200 LPH.

250 LPH RO Plant

Mostly we find these kinds of water purifier plants in small to medium-sized industries, like food or beverage, textile, chemical, etc. But, at the same time, a 250 LPH RO plant can also be used by large hotels, universities, schools, and places where the water demand is high.

As the name suggests, per hour, it produces 250 liters. Also, it is highly known for its unique ability to lower the TDS levels in the water.

350 LPH RO Plant

This type of RO plant is mainly used in hospitals, food processing units, hotels, etc. If you are wondering about the cost, it is around Rs. 95,000. Also, this particular model has a water recovery rate of up to 95% to produce the purified water.

At the same time, it has several other advanced features that help in this model’s hassle-free functionality. They are also known to consume less power.

500 LPH RO Plant

Finally, we come to the most commonly used water purifier plant in the industries. You will mostly find a 500 LPH RO plant in industries or places with high demand for purified water. They have various advanced features that help provide the purest water in industries for production purposes or other things.

As the name suggests, it can efficiently serve up to 800 to 1000 people every day. This water purifier has six filtration stages. Per hour it produces around 500 liters of water. Also, the cost for installation of this purifier plant is around Rs. 1,50,000.

Ending Note

So you can well understand that the main purpose of an industrial RO plant is to purify the contaminated water for various purposes. Therefore, you can look at the above blog and get an idea about some of the significant aspects of a RO plant.