Importance of online education in emerging economies like India

It is important to highlight that the Indian education system is considered to be an exhaustive process that comprises several subjects that need to be studied and the students are examined on the same basis on which they are awarded with marks. These marks have a long-term effect on the future of the student that highlights the importance education is in the Indian educational sector. It is important to note that the educational sector in India consists mainly of traditional educational methods where the students need to go to schools and attend Classroom lectures. There is also a very small amount of use of modern technology such as smart boards or other such associated Technologies that can help in increasing the efficiency of both the teachers and the students. However, with the start of the covid-19 pandemic situation that I will immediately change observed in the Indian educational sector. Online education today has become one of the most used medium through which the students and teacher are able to communicate with each other and continue the educational process. Most educational boards I have accepted this medium and develop their own websites through which the students can easily access their portals and undertake classes under the teachers. However, one major dilemma that has arisen in such a situation is that of providing adequate training to the teachers so that they can efficiently Undertaker online classes. It is important to highlight that online and offline classes have a lot of differences amongst each other. Therefore it is important that the teachers be provided with complete training on how to undertake online classes. in such a situation the most common method of software that has been selected as the learning Management System software. Through the use of these LMS portal, it is possible for teachers to undertake online classes where they are trained on each and every intricate detail regarding the method of undertaking online classes. It is important to understand that this software is available both for school and college teachers, with each section having their own different portals. The school lms caters especially to the Teachers who were teaching high school and preschool students. The techniques that are being taught to the teachers in this sector are quite different from what is being taught to college teachers. The beautiful specification that has been made in the software makes it easy for the Teachers to get complete understanding of the various methods and integrated courses that are available in the learning Management System software. The teachers are also taught about how to implement modern technology and create an interactive and creative environment for the students in the classroom. It is important to highlight that the implementation of modern technology requires concise and precise knowledge to properly utilize the benefits it provides. Besides these factors the software also helps teachers learn about how to keep track of the performance of students and understand strengths and weaknesses. This has a lot of advantages for the teachers as it helps in developing lesson plans that will cater to the needs and requirements of the students and help solve their issues.

Role of government in promoting online education

It is important to note that the government has also played a central role in promoting the benefits provided by online education in emerging economies.  One of the major issues that are faced by emerging economies is a lack of financial resources and huge economic disparity. The benefits of online education is that it does not differentiate between the economic background of the students and provides free education to all. However, the major issue is the lack of availability of Smartphones and Tablets and other technical devices to which students can gain access to online education. because of economic disparity it becomes difficult for a certain section of the students to avail the benefits of online education. It was in these circumstances that the government of India came forward to provide the needy students in the economically backward section of the society with the necessary stationeries and Technical devices through which they were able to avail the benefits of online education and gain better guidance.


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