One thing in a human’s life is inevitable, and that is change. With time, there’s a change in every field especially,

technology. Every other day, we see the world growing faster and faster in terms of technology.

There was a time when we had to wait for years to meet our long-distance friends, relatives, or even lover. Thanks to technology, we can connect with them instantly from anywhere across the world.

Who knows, one day it will grow to an extent where we can explore anything, get tasks done, receive all necessary information, get opinions in various fields, and just as we let the words come out of our mouth?

Yes, you got it right. Voice search is one of those advancements in technology that allows us to speak and get results. Whether it is searching about the best bakeries in town, or the weather forecast of the week, or maybe just a random quote to put on your Instagram feed, voice search has got you covered that too without giving your hands the trouble.

What’s the need to type so much when we have the voice search genie who obeys every word that comes out of our mouth?

Voice searches can be made anywhere, anytime. It can be on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Other than that, voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are quite popular. As per some reports, around 8 million Google Home models were sold by 2019. Needless to say, voice search has become an integral part of our lives.

Why is voice technology so popular?

Its growing popularity in today’s world is due to its uncountable benefits. Some of its benefits are:

1- Hands-free

Voice search saves us from typing. Just speak it and get it done. It has made using technology easier for the older generation who take hours in locating the alphabets on the keypad. All they have to do is speak. Like, ‘devotional songs of Lord Krishna’ and they’re done getting what they wanted instantly.

2- Faster 

Voice search is really fast. Why? It’s because it saves  the time required in typing. No matter how fast you type, you can’t do it as fast as you speak. Voice search reverts to your question instantly and directly.


One of the major advantages of voice search is that it is mostly multilingual. For example, Apple’s Siri supports 21 languages.


Voice search allows us to do multitasking. While making our presentation, we don’t have to stop to set the alarm for the next day.

Or while cooking, we don’t have to stop to go, turn on the television and check the news. We can do it all hand in hand with the use of this efficient technology.

5-Conversational search

With typing, we often have to be precise with our words. We type keywords to get accurate information. However, the voice search is friendly to us in those terms. It lets us ask questions in a friendly and conversational tone. We can even ask long questions and still get the relevant answers to them.

6-Reduces mistakes 

We often make mistakes while typing, don’t know some spellings, and that’s why we end up getting unsatisfactory results. But there are fewer mistakes when we make the use of voice search. Modern software is far more accurate than us.

Other than its basic advantages, voice search has made our lives a lot easier for all the ages.


Children who don’t know typing can use this to play rhymes and cartoons. It has made them used to technology. So, when they have to go online for studies it isn’t a hard task for them.


Who uses technology more than a youngster? After all, they are the future of the world, and what is the future without technology? As per a report, around 55 percent of teenagers use voice search daily.

Youngsters have a lot of searches to make every day. They have a lot to explore. Foodies search for the best meals and restaurants, music lovers search for the latest songs, and studious ones use it for asking questions that may not be answered in their textbooks or by their teachers.

In India, students preparing for various exams like UPSC, IAS or banking exams use voice search apps, like Bolkar app to get updated about their fields of knowledge and also get audible answers to various questions from experts. Exams are not all about book studies, it has a lot more that can be explored and listened to with voice-based apps.


Not all, but quite a lot many people in their late adulthood hesitate to try technology, especially women who weren’t privileged enough to study. The fear of being judged while typing wrong, or mishandling technology is reduced with invention of voice search technology.


Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have made our lives easier, better, And safer.

How did these make our lives safer?

Imagine, an old person living alone who fell from stairs. They are not in a condition to call, who would come to their rescue? Voice assistant, yes!

Anyone injured or in trouble can instantly speak up, “Alexa, call 911”

And can get their life saved by getting voice assistants to dial emergency numbers.

In critical situations, we may not be able to type or dial a number, but voice apps can save us.

Voice search has also made driving and travelling easier. We just ask for directions. Then, the voice guides us to our destination. It doesn’t require us checking the screen whether to turn left or right.

We just follow the voice and drive safe.


No business or company wants to be left behind. The websites of companies, businesses, and even shops that have websites have added the voice search option. It saves the user’s time to scroll through options and helps them stay consistent in the growing market.

Isn’t it overwhelming how voice search technology has changed the whole world around us?

It’s growing popularity is making it imperative to be adopted by all companies that want to stay consistent with the growing world.

Its numerous benefits have been successful from becoming just a trend to necessity.

~Simmi Bhatnagar