How to Use Google Lens to Solve Math Problems?


Google lens is a proprietary technology developed by Google based on image recognition. Through its deep technology and artificial neural networks, Google lens is capable of extracting useful information from an image. After extraction, the lens’ unique OCR technology transforms it into the relevant outcome.

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Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Google Lens has trained machine learning algorithms and computer vision which provides actionable insights by scanning, interpreting, and understanding images.

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How does Google Lens work?

It has an inbuilt Google assistant that addresses users’ queries with real-time suggestions. For example, if someone clicks a picture of an unnamed object, Google lens through its advanced capabilities will interpret that image. Subsequently, it will decode the object for the users and also show suggestions from nearby locations regarding the object.

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With Google lens, forget the woes of remembering your passwords forever. You can just click a picture of your service device and the lens will automatically detect the password and will connect your phone through auto-password detection. 

Here are some of the features that Google lens offer:

  • Solving tricky homework: This blog is about how you can scan your homework and see the magic happen. The lens is capable of detecting homework patterns and even answering. We shall discuss this next.
  • Intelligent Text search: Google lens has the feature of highlighting texts to derive the meaning out of them.
  • Translations: Translations were never this easier as it is with Google lens. It can translate words in real-time.
  • Curious Searching: with Google lens, one can search literally anything and find a viable answer. 


How to Use Google Lens to Solve Math Problems

There are many ways to reap the benefits of Google Lenses in android. The platform offers an application with all the features. There are other ways like Google assistant which can take you through the app and guide you with the features. Google photos can also be utilized for detecting and identifying roads and buildings.

Google photos become crucial in solving homework answers and math problems. It can answer simple equations and complex formulas. Through the application’s lens or through Google photo, the user can click a standalone picture of the problem statement. The lens will translate the problem from the hard copy into a digitized format to display on the digital screen.

Here are the steps:

First, go to the application and launch the app. Alternatively, you can find the lens in the search engine console.   

Second, as you open the app, swipe to the option named ‘homework’. It can be found at the bottom near the toolbar between shopping and search.

After this, ensure a steady camera and click a picture of the problem statement. The steadiness of the camera will influence the result. Wait for the framed framework to appear. As the shutter clip becomes visible, click the picture. 

Instantly within seconds, the answer will appear on your screen.  There will be options like copying the text to computers or editing the problem in the front row. Just below that, one can detect the option called ‘steps to solve’. This is one revolutionary invention. You can click it and find the answers and the steps yourself to understand the process.  

Isn’t it wonderful? 

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