How to use an Online Phone Number for SMS Verification

Online phone numbers are increasingly being used by ordinary users and business people. However, for those who encounter this service for the first time, it is not quite clear what it is, how it works and why it is becoming more and more in demand.

In our article we’ll take a detailed look at virtual telephony and even provide detailed instructions on how to use it.

What are online phone numbers, and what are their benefits?

Phone numbers online are a type of mobile numbers that are not connected to a physical device, but work in the cloud, using Internet technology to forward messages to the web interface. Usually such numbers are used for a short period of time to receive a text message from the desired resource, after which they are deleted.

They are effective for protecting personal information, so many users often use them in place of their own numbers when signing up for websites, applications or other online services.

The following advantages of using such numbers can be highlighted:

  • Geographic flexibility. Online numbers allow you to have a phone number for any country, which is useful for people who travel or work remotely. This is a great solution when you need to bypass regional restrictions when registering with local services and applications.
  • Personal privacy. Users can hide their real phone number. This can be especially useful for online registrations on websites or when selling products and services you don’t trust.
  • Security. Using an online number will prevent unwanted calls or texts, as well as identity theft. As a rule, after registration or participation in any promotions, calls and messages of advertising character start to come to your phone. It can be avoided by using such fake phone.
  • Availability. Virtual phone number is available at any time from any device connected to internet.
  • Savings. Virtual numbers are often less expensive than traditional SIM cards or landlines. They can be set up to receive SMS one time or can be rented for a longer period of time

A virtual phone number offers many advantages, all for a low price.

Online phone number options for different users

As you have already understood from the benefits described above, this solution can be useful for different categories of users:

  • Those who want to protect their personal information. The solution is suitable, for example, when registering on various sites, making purchases.
  • People who want to separate their personal and professional contacts. It is possible to use different virtual numbers for different purposes, for example, one – for personal accounts and another – for work.
  • Savings in online shopping during promotional periods. With online numbers you can fill out many forms at once and repeatedly use discounts and bonuses in various online stores and applications.
  • Social media recruitment. Such mobile numbers can be used for mass creation of accounts in various social networks to gain likes, reposts and subscribers, thereby promoting the account.

In general, a virtual number is useful for anyone who wants to have a separate phone number for different purposes or to ensure their privacy and security.

How can I get an online phone number?

There are several services that provide temporary phone numbers for use when registering for sites or applications. Some are free and some offer paid services with additional features.

Some of these services include:

  1. SMS-man is a paid/free service that provides online numbers from 180 different countries to register with more than 1,000 services.
  2. Twilio is a paid service that provides temporary phone numbers for use in applications and websites.
  3. Burner is a paid mobile app that provides temporary phone numbers and the ability to set up temporary voicemail messages.