How to transform your holiday photos into a memorable video

When we head out with our friends and family, we click beautiful pictures to preserve those memories. Sometimes the number of pictures overwhelms us and it becomes difficult to choose the ones that we could share with our friends. 

How about creating a video using a video file converter and sharing it on Facebook and Instagram? Why now turn your holiday photos into memorable videos using a free video editor? Let’s find out how.

Tips and tricks to make a video from your photos

Using Templates

Templates make your life easy by creating a readymade video workflow that you can easily fill in with your photos. Video templates are customizable according to your requirement. All you need to do is place in your photos and the job will be done. Templates add an extra dash of appeal to your video, as they’ve embedded motion graphics and effects. 

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Selecting Moments

Though it might appear to be the easiest task out of the rest, it’s one of the most important ones. You need to have an eye for selecting beautifully captured moments in a pool of photos. Check for photos with good vibrancy, composition, and focus to make sure that your video looks perfect. 

Creating a Montage

A video montage is a great way to align photos one after the other in the form of a sequence. You can create a video montage that begins from the commencement of the holiday and eventually covers the tour, moments to the point of return. A video montage like this would summarize the memorable holiday in a very short time compared to swiping through several photos. Video montages are a great storytelling tool to merge video online and you can easily create them using a video editor. 

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Applying Transitions

When you have too many photos in a video you’d want to give the video a smooth look and feel. Since your photos appear one after the other, it’s best to apply transitions that won’t distort the experience but would rather add to it. Transitions like fades, wipes, and zoom are the most commonly used in videos to make them more engaging.

Using Music

A holiday video is incomplete without some music. When you add music to a video, it comes to life. Your holiday photos will stand out and the output will be even better. The best gift you can give to your video to make it memorable is by aligning the photos according to the beats of the music. This will create a major impact and will keep the viewer hooked. 

Applying Filters

Sometimes we might not get the best photos with the perfect lighting and white balance. This shouldn’t stop you from creating memorable videos. Some quality video mergers have inbuilt filters that enhance the overall look and feel of the video. The filters will adjust the color tone, softness, edges, and many other factors. They’re used as a preset and are easily adjustable. Make sure to use the same filter to show consistency as irregular filters that change shot after shot might create a bizarre video. 

Telling a story

The most important aspect of creating any video is the story. You want to tell a story with your video. Even if it’s a family holiday trip, your video needs to tell a story so that it’s engaging enough for others to revisit. To build a story, you need to arrange the pictures in a way that they make a sequence that makes sense.  You can play around with the photos by rearranging them in a manner that creates curiosity while engaging the viewers who haven’t been on the holiday. 

Bonus Tips

Keep it short-  Since we want to use all our photos, we often dump them onto the video editor, expecting excellent results. On the contrary, it’s better to be selective with the choice of photos. Make sure that the photos you choose add value to your video on the bigger picture. 

You must add photos that are necessary and hold value to you, but keep in mind that it’ll also affect the duration, so choose photos carefully. Your holiday video must not be too long, as it can get boring after a while. The repeat value of the video will be diminished as one wouldn’t want to sit through feature film-like videos that are made merely by using photos. Keeping your short and sweet will make it memorable more than ever. 

Add text- When you add the text, you must make the text relevant and subtle. Make sure that the text doesn’t overshadow your photos. You must use them only where they fit in like a caption, a title, or a place where it’s necessary to provide details to fill in like a change in the location, date, or theme. You can choose to go quirky to add an extra dash of personal touch. 

Start creating

Now that you know many tricks and tips, start turning your holiday photos into memorable videos.