How to Start a Car If Battery is down?

Time and tide wait for none. It’s a famous proverb that fits today’s man. Man is the busiest creature of today’s modern, technological and materialistic world. Technology, on the one side: made our lives easy and simple, while on the other hand, it made people busy in their surroundings. 

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Technology provides us with fast and inconvenient ways of transport, communications, and other needs of life. Today everyone is in hurry. They want to do work in time. But wait! What will you do if you are going to an important meeting and your car is not starting, and its battery is down?

Cars are the modern mean of transport. It covers miles in hours. Besides that, Cars do have some problems. One of them is with the batteries. It mostly happens in winter because of low temperature that results in increased electrical resistance. It is also due to low charge or overuse of the batteries. “Prevention is better than cure.” That means you have to prepare in advance. These are machines, and you can’t trust wholly on a machine. Here, I will tell you about some of the ways that will help you start your car in an emergency. You can take these measures and can continue to your destination.

First of all, it is very important that you must have a portable battery charger for your car and you can find some of the best car battery charger in the market. It will help you in the best and easy way. If you forget to get that, simply follow one of the method (mentioned below) that suits you at the time.

  1. Hill Push Method

You are on a road trip with your friends and stopped in a beautiful hilly place. Coming back to your car and you found that your car battery is down. There are also no service stations. Don’t be nervous, I will show you the way to start your car. Gather your friends and push your car to the hill. Get your car in second gear, press the clutch and roll it down with switched on. When the car is in motion; release the clutch, press the accelerator, and give ignition. This method will be helpful. But, that sounds crazy if you are alone. Move on to the next method.

  1. Distilled water

If your battery acid level is low and it makes trouble in starting. Just add some distilled water to the battery, which will react with the acid. It will give some startup to the car’s engine. This is a simple and easy way to start your car.

  1. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables can also help start your dead car battery. It requires a second battery or another vehicle to work. It will not charge the battery but will help your car to start. So, keep the engine on. Remember that; don’t do this with frozen batteries. The battery will burst out and can cause serious injury.

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  1. Solar Charger

Technology is giving us new inventions day by day. Solar plates are the production of modern technology. We can use it for different purposes. It can also be used for charging the car’s battery. Simply put a solar plate inside your car that best fit sunlight. Connect it to the cigarette pointer of the car. This will help to charge the battery thoroughly. Due to this, the risk of the low battery can be minimized.

  1. Cycling the key

This process can be done when the car is switching on but won’t start. Turn on the dome lights and watch it carefully. If it dies out, this means your battery is weak. You need to try cycling the key to heat up the battery, terminals, and starter. You have to turn on the key to start position around 10 times simultaneously. This will heat up the battery and terminals and will produce some amount of charge to give a startup the car.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the car is an essential need of today’s man. Sometimes it is helpful, while other times it may become a headache if its battery is down. From now on, prepare yourself in advance and follow the ways that I have mentioned. It will help you and can prevent you from big troubles.