How to Recover Nikon Camera photos?

Have you accidentally deleted your valuable photos from the Nikon camera? Would you like to retrieve them but do not know how to do so? If it is so, you don’t need to worry at all. Without a solution, a problem is not even a problem. In the modern era, technological advancements are surprising us with their amazing results. 

Here we share a useful method to recover deleted photos by considering one of the technological tools called Recoverit. We will deal with all your queries one by one for the best possible solution. We will briefly discuss the reasons behind losing photos from the Nikon camera and the ways you can follow to recover your deleted photos. So, stay in touch with us till the end to figure out the alternative means for your question. 

Can You recover deleted photos from the Nikon camera? 

Yes, you can regain deleted images from your Nikon Camera. This question instantly hits your mind when you lose the valuable memories you captured in pictures. However, it’s not unanswerable. Deleted photos are out of your record as once you lost them by faulty operation. It exempts the occupied space, but the images stay unscathed inside the memory card. Flash memory cards act in a similar way as hard drives operate on your computer.

Few misconceptions regarding photo recovery:

Many people unknowingly reckon on the notions that are not true. One of them is believing that you can’t recover your photos once you have deleted them. The second one is that formatting permanently peels off the data.

Things you need to keep in mind:

1) Please be aware that photo recovery is possible only when you don’t write new data on the SD card. So, don’t use the Nikon camera card after data loss unless you recover the deleted photos. Because the entrance of new information is overwritten at the previous one that eliminates the old record permanently. In such a scenario, the possibility of recovery becomes almost zero.

2) Don’t delay the process of recovery. Go for a quick approach to recovering your photos using Recoverit data recovery software for the Nikon camera.

What are the common reasons for losing photos from Nikon Camera? 

There are several reasons behind losing the Nikon Camera. We will discuss the most common ones. Let us give a view to it.

  • Deleting by mistake:  It is one of the most predominant reasons. You unintentionally click the button “delete,” which results in a mess of photos deletion. 
  • Formatting: Sometimes, when you connect the camera to a computer, a message displays on the screen asking you to format the disk. This warning forces the user to format the whole disk that results in data loss. Besides, the photographer also formats the SD card that leads towards the ultimate requirement of photo recovery.
  • Mismanaged memory card or erupted file system: Your file system may damage when you remove it from the Nikon Camera for copying and saving the pictures into some other medium. There might be a virus that disrupts the normal functioning of a flash memory card. This eruption couldn’t be eradicated unless you format the memory card. 
  • External damage: Some external factors like water or heat damage memory cards. If you carelessly remove a memory card without proper precautions, it may also generate an error. 
  • Corrupted memory card: Usage of memory card even at the low battery corrupts the memory card. Therefore, you are unable to access the data on it. Besides, turning off the camera while files being saved can also cause corruption of the memory card. 

Tips to prevent photo loss:

  1.  Mostly, picture loss happens due to the inappropriate shut down of the camera. So, never use a camera on a low battery. Once you notice that your camera is flashing, immediately change the battery or stop the process of photo shooting 
  2.  Keep changing your memory card side by side. Don’t put all photos on a single memory card. You should have a variety to prevent yourself from any anxiety.
  3. It’s better to create a backup for storing pictures. You have different options as a backup like SkyDrive, Open Drive, and Dropbox.
  4. Remove the SD card before turning off the camera. Also, go for the brand having credible SD cards. 

Best way to recover photos from Nikon digital camera

Recoverit data recovery software is one of the best technical tools while handling the process of recovering deleted photos from Nikon digital cameras. It makes the process easy and more efficient. You should have internet access to download Recoverit on your computer. Depending on the operating system of your computer, you may choose between the Mac and Windows versions. There are three simple steps to follow. Let us discuss them one by one.

  • Select

After installing the program, connect your camera with software via extension wire or USB cable. Make sure that the computer recognizes the Nikon Camera as an external hard device. The SD card can also be removed from the camera and connected to a computer via the E-card reader. This approach is more precise than the above one. After launching the software, select the storage media which you are aspiring to recover deleted photos.

  • Scan 

Now click on the scan. Timing for the scanning depends upon the number of pictures. If the number of photos is quite large, the software takes time to scan all images. 

  • Recover 

In the final step, preview the files. You can manually check all the photos by double-clicking on them. Select the images you wish to recover and click the recovery button. In this way, you get rid of the trouble of recovering deleted photos by grabbing the worthwhile privilege of Recoverit. 

Note: Please do not go for the same SD card for saving recovered photos as it may again result in the loss. It’s better to go for some other safe external storage device.

Why should you use Recoverit?

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best data recovery software 2021. It has advanced features that make the whole operation quick and worthwhile. It helps in the recovery of original files. Moreover, Recoverit also provides the facility of video recovery. Recoverit has a huge diversity covering more than a thousand different formats of file. The fastest scanning speed among all available software for deleted photos recovery from Nikon Camera is another dominant feature of Recoverit. These features make “Wondershare Recoverit” a perfect choice as it aids RAW recovery and lost partition recovery. Customers consider it a lifesaver tool that takes them out from a Panic situation. So, you also don’t need to panic. The solution is right at your doorstep. Now purchase the Wondershare Recoverit and resume all those remembrances that you never wish to lose. 


Nothing can be more precious than those golden memories that remind you of the beautiful past. You capture the moment to make it permanent. However, a mistake or error leads to a horrible picture of losing all these valuable memories. We briefly consider the issue that is bothering you in the mentioned details. If you follow them gently, you can easily resolve the problem of recovering deleted photos.