How to Prepare for CBSE Exams using NCERT Notes?

CBSE Exams are of great importance to the students of all standards. The CBSE aims to provide educational learning effectively to all students. The focus of the exams is to ensure whether a student meets technical, authorized, and qualified standards.

CBSE Board suggests NCERT Textbooks for the students who want to succeed in giving the examinations. NCERT provides a textbook for both the primary and secondary standards. These are important as they perform a basic textbook ensured learning and teaching for students and teachers respectively. This textbook has a simple language in understanding and highlights all the topics required to clear a level of standard.

NCERT Textbooks are efficient as they cover all the topics and most of the students rely upon them to make notes. NCERT notes provide a foundation for the students to learn their topics. 

What are the advantages of making NCERT notes?

Teachers provide the class notes to the students based on the topic or chapter they are teaching. However, while a teacher is learning the concepts themselves, they tend to bend towards additional materials and reference books. This is effective. But when it comes to giving CBSE exams, NCERT is the go-to textbook for students. The teacher may have missed the points or the students can understand better by reading the textbook themselves. Self-study is important. While studying, most of the students tend to make their notes to learn it their way. However, the other profits of making NCERT notes are as follows:

  • The key points noted down by the students helps them in their revision a day before the exam
  • While solving a numerical, it acts as a reference.
  • If the students want to teach their friends about a topic, they can use these key points and efficiently explain them.
  • If the students have any doubt related to any topic, they can circle the points and can ask the doubts about the teachers. You will not forget about it.
  • This is proven to be a better way to learn and remember the concepts.


Tips to remember while studying from the NCERT:

Read thoroughly: Most of the students, as mentioned earlier, tend to bend towards additional materials such as reference books or the notes given by the teacher. However, it is useful but you will certainly miss out on some topics. It is suggested to go through the NCERT Textbooks and use the rest of the materials for the revision. The NCERT textbook provides questions and examples that are present in between the topics and at the end of the chapter to test the student’s ability to understand the provided information. 

Solve Previous Year’s Question paper: After finishing your revision for the subject, make sure to solve 3 to 4 question papers of previous years. While solving the first paper, make sure you have your NCERT book and notes with you. According to the question and the marks allotted find the answers and be accurate with what you write. This also provides a better understanding and an efficient way of learning a topic. It clears all the concepts and also provides examples for the application-based questions.

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Conduct Group Study: There are a lot of topics and chapters in each standard for the students to learn and understand. Not all the students can understand all the topics. If a student understands chapter one then maybe another student might understand chapter two. The aim is to study all the chapters as each of them is important from the exam point of view. The students can overcome this by conducting a group study where each student learns a specific topic and takes turns to teach them to the other students. They can make this fun by conducting puzzles, riddles, and quizzes. This way you can have fun learning the concepts you thought you wouldn’t understand.

Management of time: As mentioned earlier, there are numerous topics a student has to learn for the exam. It is very important to devise a plan that contributes a specific time for all the chapters and their topics of the subject. Giving time and attention towards understanding the concepts is important as you may not know what topic may appear in the examination. Know the topics that have the highest weightage and have appeared many times in the previous year’s question papers. Study the major and important subjects after knowing the marks distribution and the pattern of the question paper.

Avoid Distractions and Procrastination: Studying the NCERT books thoroughly will pave your way to getting high scores. However, the only thing that obstructs that way is the distractions. Do not distract yourself with social media networking sites, games on mobile phones, online or video games, and watching T.V for hours. These only result in you getting fewer marks. Sit for the study sessions without your mobiles and laptops. Quit procrastinating and letting unusual thoughts hit you while studying. 

Avoid Silly Mistakes: While studying with the help of NCERT, make note of the mistakes you can make during the exam. These may include confusion in the formulae, mugging up the concepts without understanding, mixing up the labels of the diagrams, and miscalculations. The students overlook these silly errors and still wonder why they lost marks. Try to work on these mistakes and cross-verify your answers after finishing the paper. One of the common mistakes the students make is copying the wrong data from the question paper. The method might be the same but the final answer is wrong. Try to focus and learn from your mistakes.

Stay Healthy by exercising and meditating every day. This helps your brain function faster and effectively. Do not survive on junk food or fast food. They tend to make you lazy and you lose your energy to study.