Corona has taught us a lot of things. One of the things which it gave us and can be called a blessing is the medium of online education. E-Learning gave us hope at a time when uncertainty was the only thing known to us. The class, conducted online or offline, only has one motive or objective associated with it, and that motive is to make learning available for everyone. 


E-Learning has made it possible as today, in a country like India, we have no access to internet learning or E-learning in geographical divisions, which was earlier next to impossible. All credit here goes to the combined efforts of our government and the technological experts. 


One of the most impressive things that corona taught us is to become self-dependent. 

Yes, since we have access to E-Learning and its practices, we have a specific control on our own as it is nobody but us now who will be responsible for our actions and pace. We all already know about the different benefits of E-Learning. We want to highlight some of its benefits again, which will help you make your choices well. 


Benefits of E-Learning 


Personalized learning 

Through LMS portals organized by the schools, it has become easy for us to maintain our studies at a pace at which we would be more comfortable. In fact, with the introduction of online classes, students are slowly but steadily learning Time management skills.


Affordable and Accessible for all 

The second advantage or Benefit of E-Learning is that it is very affordable for the students of different geographies in India. India is a vast country; we have rich and poor people here. The resources for them earlier were various because quality education was only for urban area living students. Still, the concept of the internet has made India a country where a quality education has not just been confined to urban setups anymore. 


You might remember other benefits, but we will discuss how you can socialize in the online classroom. 


Socializing or interacting is an essential aspect of a student’s life; it is the first step towards becoming job-ready for jobs; you should know how to interact and develop interpersonal skills. 


Here are a few ways through which we think that you will be able to communicate or make friends while learning through the medium of E-Learning. 


Participate in online classes 

Just because your teacher is liberal to you at the time of classes, it does not mean that you will disrespect the course. You should actively participate in the different activities, which will make you compatible enough to initiate a conversation and then eventually bring you down to making some good friends. 

Study groups

In this digital era, study groups can be made even outside the School management system. They can connect themselves again to digital technology tools and discuss things that eventually will lead them to conduct group studies. 


Join Social Groups 

Apart from study groups, you can also participate in the social groups formed at every school and educational institute. Different literary clubs or sports clubs are organized at a level where your interaction won’t be limited to your classroom. You have to interact with seniors and juniors, which will only boost your confidence and make you job-ready in terms of your communication skills. 




There are other methods too, but we would like you to find those ways yourself. It will be more like an assessment or activity for you, too, where you will be able to rate yourself on your interpersonal skills and analytical skills. Do share with us your views, and we would love to hear those lovely experiences of our readers.